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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Please let me clarify!

Just to clarify a few things.  Yes, I am registered for a half marathon, but I realize that completing it this weekend with the minimal training I have done isn't likely at all, even though I have been working out consistently and Cross Fitting 3 days per week. 

1--I have no intention of pushing myself to injury.  I am very good at listening to my body and the first time something hurts, I'm done.

2--I have checked with the race director about the options as it pertains to dropping out and made sure I am fully aware and educated about that process and how it works.

3--I appreciate the concern everyone has expressed about me doing this.

4--If I get swept and don't get a medal, I'm cool with that.  I don't even know where my princess medal from last year is because I never felt as though I earned it.

5--I have to do a long run this weekend of 1 hour anyway, if I feel good and make it an hour and a half, great, anything beyond that 1 hour training run is gravy for me.

6--and most importantly, I am not emotionally invested in this race, AT ALL!  I was very emotionally invested in the Princess Half last year, and yes, I was devastated and embarrassed and depressed when I didn't finish, even though I was aware that that was the likely outcome.  Because I have no emotional investment in this race, it will neither make me nor break me.  If I get swept, fine, if I finish, fine.  I'm ok with whatever happens this weekend. This race, nor any other race I ever run will define me.  I am not defined by exterior praise or failures, I am defined by who I am internally, as a person.

7--My ultimate goal is the Princess Half Marathon on February 24.  I will do NOTHING to jeopardize my participating in that race.  If that means I do a 5k this weekend, I'm ok with that. 

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