The Incredible Shrinking Krista

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Holy Moses...another PR!!!

So this week we are working on our max lifts.  Today we were working on max Dead lifts.  I started with my normal amount I dead lift in a WOD when I am doing it repeatedly, 40#.  Well, I got the learner bar up to 110# and Pete and Andrea told me it was too easy for me and I had maxed out the bar, so I needed to move to the big bar.  Now, I'm TERRIFIED of the big bar.  I've only ever used it once, to do my back squats the other night, and then I was right back to the learner bar.  So I jumped in with the 2 girls next to me who already had 165 on the bar, and did it pretty easily.  We kept creeping up, till we put 195 on the bar.  I didn't think for a second I'd be able to do it, especially after my hero, Shaade was unable to lift it.  I decided to give it one shot, and I did it!!!!  I dead lifted 195 pounds!!!  I couldn't believe it, and I couldn't be more proud of myself.

Now it was time for the WOD.  I took one look at it and said, "This WOD is brought to you by the things Krista just can't do yet."  Which was 100% true.  Makes for a really, REALLY slow workout.

The workout looked like this: 3 rounds for time (took me 24:50)
10 get-ups to burpees
15 back squats (rx was 75#, I did 70#)
15 knees to elbows (still can't do these, just hung on the bar and lifted my knees as far as I could)
10 inverted burpees (which I can't do the wall handstand yet, so I just did the get up to the bronco kicks)

**2 minute rest**

6 minute run I did 500 meters

Re-did my measurements tonight, last time I measured myself was on September 11, almost exactly 1 month ago.  My waist, hips and thigh are exactly the same measurement, but I have lost 2-1/2 inches in my bust.  YAY!!!!  progress is progress, and I'll take it.

So, here's the crux of my problem at this point.  As you can tell, while I'm still having struggles with the workouts, I'm finishing them.  I am getting far stronger.  I am capable of completing more and more.  On the working out side of things, everything is GREAT!!!  The problem is, my eating. I swear I need a damn babysitter to make me eat the right stuff at the right time.  Today is a good example of my issue.  I got coffee on the way to work, a large, with cream and sugar.  The next thing I had to eat or drink was 3 Twizzlers before I went to work out at 5:30, followed by a bowl of cereal when I got home from my workout.  This is why I am not seeing the results that I want to see even though I'm busting my butt at the box.  I haven't been hungry ALL DAY.  I don't even know what to say about this.  When I realized tonight that this is all I have eaten today, this is an obvious issue, and one I need to fix.  But I'm at a loss.  If I can get this part under control, I have no doubt I'll start seeing the results I want/need to see to stay motivated.

I'm at a loss right now.



  1. Figuring out the food and being consistent with it really is the hardest part. After working out as hard as I have for the last year and a half, I haven't seen a huge change on the scale because my food is still off balance. Some days I eat too little, others I eat too much and the days that I eat too little make my body store everything when I eat too much. It is hard finding the right things and forcing yourself into a proper eating routine. I am still working at it myself but I am slowly making progress.

  2. Try using (they also have an app). I use it to keep me accountable and I have gotten good results.