The Incredible Shrinking Krista

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Who's that girl?!?!

As time goes on, I am becoming more and more unrecognizable to myself.  Who is this girl that is going to the gym 5 times a week?  Who is this Krista who registered to run a 5K?  Who is this Krista?  The reality of it is, I am unrecognizable to myself.  I don't even know where to begin.  I don't know who I am anymore, but I love who I am.  I have never loved myself before, but I love the new Krista. 

I love that I have the confidence to sign up for my first ever 5K!

I love that I have the confidence to research cruises without the horrific fear of that meaning I would have to wear a bathing suit in front of thousands of strangers!

I love that I have the confidence to put my trust in God and allow him to lead me down this new career path in my life!

I love that my friends and family are being so very loving and supportive!

I love that my kids are learning from the example that I am doing my very best to show them!

I love ME.  I have never been able to say that with any guineness or belief, but I can today!  I love the Me that I am becoming on my 37th revolution around the sun, and I LOVE the woman that I will be phyically and mentally by the time I begin my 38th revolution around the sun! 

Good Night!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Countdown is on!

Well, I have one of the 2 weeks notice necessary, and this week should be pretty easy.  We have a field trip on Monday, and Friday is an early release day which includes an awards ceremony for the third 9 weeks, followed by early lunch, brief recess and sending the kids I basically only have 3 days left to teach.  The kids don't know anything yet about my job change as I was instructed that we would send home a letter to the parents on Thursday afternoon.  I feel guilty to some extent, for leaving, but I also know that what I am doing is the best thing for me and my family!  I have spent so many years living my life for the people around me and trying to please them, that it seems very strange to do something for ME!!

In other news, the working out and eating better are going pretty darn well.  I have had a few slip-ups here and there,  but when I got on the scale this morning, I had lost a total of 20 pounds since beginning this journey in late February.  I don't remember the exact date that I started, but I know it was after teh 19th of February, but before my maybe the 21 or 22?  So in under 2 months I have lost 20 pounds, which is pretty impressive.  I am so please with the outcome of my workouts, the hard work, and how I have stuck to this.  My trainer pushes me past limits that I have put on myself and grins at me the whole time.  When I started this journey, He had more confidence in my ability to succeed than I did, but now, I have all the confidence in the world that I will be successful on this journey.  I am going to make it to my goal this time. 

My new job is going to make that even more likely because I will be in the gym 5 days/week, and I will work out every day that I am there.  I will have no excuse at all for not getting my workouts in!  I will continue to work with Chris and push myself beyond the limits I have created for myself.  I am so very excited about this journey and how it is going.  In fact, there is a group of people that I met through the facebook page of one of the casting directors for Biggest Loser.  We are going to stay in touch and support each other as we each have a minimum of 100 pounds to lose, and our goal is for each of us is to reach our goal weight before the Biggest Loser 12 Finale in late November, early December.  That means that I have about 7 or 8 months to lose the next 100 pounds.  It is going to be a tough journey, and one that I'm sure will be wrought with difficulties and times that I just don't want to do the right thing, but one that is totally worth going on! 

I will be the healthy woman that I long to be by the time I turn 37 for sure.  The way I figure it, I gave myself a chance at a healthy and fit life for my 36th birthday, and it is going to take the entire year to get there....For my 37th birthday, I'm going to run the Princess Half Marathon on my birthday weekend at Disney World, (Yes, I do realize that that means I need to run 13.1 miles).  After that, I may need some surgical intervention to remove the excess skin left over after being overweight for 16 years and having my skin all stretched out for that long.  I will likely have to have a tummy tuck to remove excess skin...and I'm rapidly developing bat wings from excess skin on my upper arms. 

Till next time.


Monday, April 11, 2011

Thank you!!!

Your prayers and my hard work and dedication at the gym have morphed themselves into a job offer.  I am incredibly excited about what the future holds for me, even though it is a HUGE leap outside of the box for me. 

I had a 2nd interview this evening at the gym for a membership consultant position.  I have never done a sales job before, but I feel incredibly confident that this will be a good fit for me.  As a result, my last day teaching will be no later than May 12.  It is hard to believe that I will be doing anything else, but with the stress of test scores, unrealistic expectations, stacked classes, and the fact that I'm averaging about 80 hours/week of work, I really think the best thing for our home-life would be to leave teaching.  I am so excited about what the future holds...

As far as weightloss this week, well, it didn't go so well.  I gained some weight...but thanks to hormones, stress and not being in the gym for 3 days, I gained 4 pounds...but, I am back on track today.  I went and did Zumba tonight, Body Combat tomorrow night, then personal training w/Chris, body pump on thursday, cardio interval on Friday and another training session w/Chris.  In better news, I did burn nearly 3,000 calories today, and ate about 1200, so I got about a 2800 calorie burn in today!  YAY!


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Biggest Loser Cruise

So--I would really love the opportunity to go on The Biggest Loser cruise and get to meet Bob Harper and have the opportunity to work out with him, even if it is among 2500 other passengers.  There are a few things that have to fall into place perfectly to make this a possibility.  I really can't say a lot, but if some changes that I'm hoping for come to fruition, I might just be able to swing it.  A good friend of mine told me on facebook to ask for donations, which I don't feel comfortable with.  I do, however, feel comfortable asking that everyone pray for the changes that I am hoping for to happen so that I can work it out financially. 

I appreciate all of your support on this crazy difficult journey to health, and need some prayers as well. 

Thanks to everyone ....Until next time


Monday, April 4, 2011

1st ride, a smashing success!!

First ride of the year and I couldn't be more proud of myself!!  I made it right at 10 miles, and just under 12mph average for the duration of the ride.  My highest milage ever was 18 miles, but my average speed on that ride was a bit under 10mph, so I've picked up somee speed.  I could have done more distance today had there not been a massive and nasty headwind! 

I will be back on the bike again next Monday night, and on Wednesday and Friday night at the gym as well.  Going to try alternating the bike and treadmill to give my calves a break. 


Sunday, April 3, 2011

So here are the first pictures of me.  The first was taken March 5, following the Biggest Loser Open Casting Call. 

This picture was taken on the 28, so only 23 days later, and the changes are very noticable in my face, etc:

I have lost an additional 5 pounds this week, for a total of 16.  Going to be changing up my workouts a little bit, so I'll be anxious to see how things go from here.  Continuing to work very hard, even though doing so while working full time is a HUGE chore.  The results are totally worth it!


Saturday, April 2, 2011

Beyond excited!!

Mom and I were out and about doing some shopping and stuff and our last stop was at Walmart.  I have been trying to find a simple, inexpensive dress to wear on the beach when Barney and I renew our vows in a couple of weeks.  I saw a cute dress hanging there, one problem, it was hanging in the Misses department, not the Women's Plus Sizes.  So, went over to see how big it came...DRAT!  only as big as a size 16.  Well, what do I have to lose, it is only $14, so I picked up the size 16 and headed to the dressing room to see how far away I was from fitting into this adorable dress.  Imagine my surprise when I not only got it on, but it fit nicely, over my workout pants, and looked pretty cute, considering.....I couldn't be happier!!

So, in typical Krista fashion, those of you who know me, know what happened next....that's right, I stood right there in the Walmart dressing room and cried!  Hey, it is one of the things I do best.  I am so excited.  It felt so good, I can't help but continue to push myself down this amazing path of health and fitness!

Till next time