The Incredible Shrinking Krista

Monday, December 30, 2013

3 months now...

3 months ago today I had Gastric Sleeve Surgery.

In that 3 months, I have lost 47 pounds, and quite a few inches.  I've gone from a size 22 to almost a 16 (my 18's are getting too big, but I'm not all that comfortable trying them on just yet).  I can cross my legs for the first time in years.  I've lost at least a cup size in my bra, and 4 inches in my band size.

I need to do my measurements in the AM, but in the meantime, here are my pictures the morning of surgery, and this evening.  Same outfit.  A lot of times I can't see the difference, these pictures make it pretty evident.

Sunday, December 22, 2013


I'm now nearly 3 months out from weight loss surgery (vertical sleeve gastrectomy) and have started to catch myself falling back into old patterns.  I'm driving through for coffee (a waste of money because I have yet to drink an entire coffee that I bought), eating fast food type lunches, etc.  Now that my body will allow me to eat that shit, I'm starting to do it again.  BAD IDEA!!

I am still losing weight, and this morning weighed in at 223.8 (a loss of exactly 45 pounds from when I started the process to have surgery), which is nothing to shake a stick at in 3 months.  The problem is, my average weight loss is down to under 2 pounds a week.

I have noticed that I don't feel quite as good, don't have as much energy, or want to do as much and I'm certain this is a direct result of not tracking my protein and water intake. So---it's time to regain my focus, and work on tracking these things, getting them in, and making excellent food choices, rather than some of the crappy ones I have made lately.

I still have some difficulty eating some of the foods that are the best way to get my protein in in a day, like eggs, chicken and fish.  Because I am struggling with this, I have decided that I will be drinking a protein shake for breakfast each morning (it's better for me than coffee), and eat a protein bar for an afternoon snack.  those 2 choices alone will get me 60 oz of protein each day, or more depending on what I add to my protein shake.

I'm also going to be doing some experimenting with things to eat for lunch while I'm off work the next 10 days or so.  I'm going to see if I can handle egg salad (a pre-surgery favorite of mine) and tuna salad (plain tuna is way too dry and doesn't sit well).  Both of these will increase my daily protein intake as well.  I've also read about folks doing "turkey wraps" with a piece of green leaf lettuce, a slice of turkey, and a slice of cheese, also lots of protein.  These next 10 days are going to be all about experimenting with foods I love to see if I can handle them, and preparation to return to work.

I got enough protein shakes and protein bars for 36 days which will take me to Sunday, January 26, 2014.  If all goes as planned, I'm hoping that by that time, I will be down to 200 pounds.  Barney and I are going to start training for the Myrtle Beach Half Marathon which is being held on Saturday, February 15, and we are running it together.  It'll be his first 1/2 marathon, my 3rd attempt and first finish.  I am so glad that I will have my love by my side as I do this.  He has been such a huge help for me in this journey to a healthier me, and it is only fitting that we do this together, I guess.

I'm still going to check in on December 30 with my 3 month weigh in and pictures.  And fully intend to keep everyone posted along the way.


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Official Tri times...

I just got the email with the official times from the triathlon this weekend.  Better than I thought.

200 meter swim time: 12:33
15k (9 mile) bike time: 39:20
2 mile run time: 35:58

A couple of things I noticed
1--I was the slowest person of the day by over 15 minutes....guess how much I care...not a bit!!
2--I went into this expecting it to take me 2 hours, and my total time was 1:27:20
3--If I plan to work toward a half iron distance triathlon in my 40th year, I have a LOT of work to do

Other things that I believe are note-worthy, you may or may not agree....
I am considering going back to school, though I'm not sure for what/when

I have found a new peace internally that makes me comfortable in my skin for the first time ever.  not sure why, or what happened, but I'm really rather enjoying it.

I spend a lot of time helping, encouraging and "being there" for friends of mine, and find it interesting who responds when I need similar help, and who doesn't

My new-found peace has me wondering about going back to school to be a school counselor, to help kids who need a little additional help and encouragement.  I'm wondering if I could be a school counselor or not....hmmmmmm

Sunday, December 15, 2013

I am a triathlete!!

About a month ago I found out that the gym I am a member of was going to be doing an indoor triathlon.  I wanted to do it, and thought that just maybe I would sign up, but I wasn't sure....Then I found out that every dime raised went to local families who needed financial assistance at Christmas...Now I knew I would do it.  Why not challenge myself and do something I've wanted to for a while, and have the funds go to a needy family?

So I was a little freaked out about what I would wear and how that would go...I was VERY anxious as I filled out the registration form.  I have also been very sick this week, with sinus infection that worked its way into bronchitis, as is normal for me and my asthmatic lungs.  I was afraid I might have to walk the swim part in the pool....but I figured it was for a good cause, so who really cared.

So I got up this morning and got a quick shower, gathered up everything I needed (or so I thought) and headed out.  Barney called me as I backed out of the driveway to see if I needed my goggles, which I did, so I came back to get them...headed back out again.  I got to the gym, and set up my stuff in "transition"...though I was clueless...which became more and more apparent as time progressed.

One last trip to the bathroom and I got myself a nasty little surprise.  Now--I know one of the reasons I chose to have weight loss surgery was to take my life and health back.  Apparently, that health included my re-productive health, because well, let's just say that mother nature stopped by for a visit without warning, This typically doesn't happen without medication for me, so I was completely unprepared....took care of that, and we were lining up for the swim start.

There was 1 guy behind me in heat 1, who I assured I would be slow and he would have to pass me.  He did, in the first 25 meters.  I figured out very quickly that when you don't practice something, you lose your ability.  I used to be a pretty decent swimmer, but I think I drank half the lane on my first 50 meters, so I switched from the freestyle to the breast stroke.  Now that I was breast stroking (obviously incorrectly) and didn't need my goggles, I threw those on the pool deck at 100 meters.  At about 125 meters, I switched over to the backstroke and used that for the last 75 meters.  Out of the pool and into transition.  I was a bit light-headed and dizzy getting out of the pool and was a bit scared I would pass out.

Now, transition is apparently a game of chess against ones self.  I now know why folks wear a tri suit, and change NO clothes in the process.  I got to transition, dried myself off a bit, threw on my socks and tied my shoes.  I had put my shirt on my bike, and swam with my tankini top and sports bra.  In transition I took of the tankini top with the plan of putting my tank top on while I rode, the part I hadn't considered, was my sports bra and body being wet, and the difficulty putting on an exercise tank top with a built-in sports bra.  I spent the majority of the bike leg in bike shorts and a sports bra.  (I would like to apologize to anyone who had to witness that little debacle.  I don't like myself in that state of undress standing up straight and sucking in my gut, lord knows it wasn't pretty on a bike!!)  I realized about half way through the bike leg that I was on pace for a 44 minute bike ride to complete 15k.  I had done the 15k in a spin class in 38 minutes, and was REALLY hoping to be close to that time today, even though the first time I did it, I hadn't swam beforehand.  I saw person after person leaving the bikes and after a while, I was the only one left, my brain started the same old tricks on me trying to tell me I should give up, I was embarrassing myself, I should quit and sneak out the back door.  Thankfully no one was around to her me say, out loud, to myself, "Shut the FUCK up!"  So, somewhere during the bike, I got my buddy Michelle to come over and help me pull my shirt on so I wasn't riding w/o a shirt anymore.  She did, thankfully.  Finally finished my bike leg, and had to go across the gym floor and up the stairs to the treadmill.

When I got off the bike, I couldn't feel my feet or my legs.  I could see myself moving across the floor, but couldn't feel anything.  I was so out of sorts, I decided I would just put the treadmill on speed 3.0 and walk my 2 miles.  I'm guessing  I must have looked pretty rough, because one of the volunteers came to ask me if I was ok.  I told her I was light headed so she brought me a cup of OJ and a banana.  a few sips of OJ (I was wearing more than I swallowed), and 1 bite of banana and I thought I was going to have a puking episode.  I left both alone for the remainder of the run, and just drank my water.  Pretty soon I settled into a rhythm, got into a "zone" and decided to do some intervals.  from then on, my pace on the treadmill varied between 3.5 and 4.5 mph.  I was pushing myself pretty hard, but I fully intended to kick it up even a bit more at the end.  I got a side stitch on my right, then on my left.  I kept going.  People were coming by and talking to me, offering help, and encouragement.  I feel badly now that I didn't respond with much more than a nod or a thumbs up.  I couldn't talk.  I jogged a bit here and there, and at 1.93 miles, I pushed the treadmill up to 5.3mph and I ran.  I didn't job, I ran.  my big tail wanted to be done, and that was what it was going to take.  I finished my 2.0, hopped off the treadmill and ran to the finish line.  I walked a few laps on the indoor track to get my head back, and keep from passing out.

When I came across the finish line, she said something like "1:32:05".  I won't have my official time until tomorrow, but honestly that just doesn't really matter to me.  I finished a sprint triathlon.  I LOVED it!  I need to work on my swimming, overall cardio, and get my boo-tay used to the saddle if I'm going to do many more of these, which I think I just might.  It was a lot of fun, and more of an overall workout than my running attempts have been.  Don't get me wrong, I'm still going to be running and training.  I have a goal that I set last summer, that I would do the Raleigh Half IronMan sometime.  Well, I think that the year I turn 40 would be a stellar time to make that pipe dream a reality.  I have a long way and a lot of training to do in the next year to make that possible.  1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike ride and a 13.1 mile run.  I will get there...I will work for it.

Thanks to Beverly Moore, Dene Alameida, Summer Collins, Fonshee Ames and Michelle Hodge for convincing me to try this, and that I could do it.  It was fun.  When's the next one?!?!

Monday, December 2, 2013

2 months out of surgery

I was 2 months out of my surgery on Saturday, and I am seeing a bigger difference in me now versus September.  I haven't taken pictures in the same outfit as pre-surgery, I'll have to do that tomorrow maybe after I get home from work.

This month, I lost a mere 7.3 pounds, and 5 inches this month, and I have to admit that this is for 2 reasons; I didn't keep track of my protein and water intake like I should, I didn't exercise but once or twice, and I tried a few things that weren't on the prescribed good eating list, so I did it to myself.

On the eating front, I have eaten 70 grams of protein today (supposed to be 60-80)
I have had 30 of my 64 oz of water today
I went out and ran/walked a mile tonight (lasted about 17 minutes, need to aim for 30-45 for tomorrow night) and averaged 15:59 min/mile pace
Going to Boot Camp in the AM

Who needs New Year's Resolutions?  I'm starting now.  My goal is to lose 15 pounds this month, which will put me at 217.2, anything over that is "icing on the cake".

Time to kick things up a notch.

Here are a couple of pictures taken Saturday and tonight, so you can see that there are changes happening still.