The Incredible Shrinking Krista

Thursday, May 1, 2014

7 months post WLS, 8 weeks post knee surgery, and my first WOD.....

Hard to believe it has been 7 months ago that I had Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy.  My life has changed so drastically that I don't even recognize myself, or my life anymore.

First, for the weight loss details.

I have lost enough weight that I don't even recognize my own reflection these days. I'll walk past a window somewhere and do a double-take so I can make sure I'm not being rude and ignoring someone, and then realize the person I see there in the window or mirror is actually me.

I am down to 189.2 pounds, a total loss of almost exactly 81 pounds from my heaviest weight of 270 pounds.  I have gone from wearing a size 22 to wearing a size 14 and my bra size has gone from a 44DD to a 38DDD.

I have finished up my post surgery PT, and feel pretty good.  I did 7 miles as part of a half marathon on Sunday, and I felt pretty amazing.  The fact is, my pace is way better than it was a year ago at the Princess.  My average pace for my 10k time at the PHM 2013 was 19:23, and this past Sunday, my pace for the first 6 miles was an average of 17:34.  That's an improvement of nearly 2 minutes/mile, with no training, just a weight loss of 61 pounds and sheer determination.

I missed my 3 mile run last night, so I'm going to do it tonight, once the kids are off to mom's house for bed.

Now, I went back to my second WOD since surgery.  I had done 1 WOD back in November or December, but it was strictly a lifting WOD, so it wasn't terribly intense.  Tonight, not so much!!

After our warm-up, we had a 3 part WOD:

A--3 minute max effort Double-unders.  I haven't been able to do a double-under since the elementary school playground, when I had no idea that it was supposed to be terribly difficult.  In those 3 minutes I got my 1st-6th double-unders.  I couldn't string 2 together, each one was individual.  I need to get me a jump rope to practice these on my own time.  I still couldn't be prouder.

B--Deadlifts, 3-3-3-3 starting at 83% of your 1 rep max, and ending up at 90% of your 1rep max.  My 1 rep max prior to my 14 month or so hiatus had been about 205, but I have clearly lost a LOT of my strength.  I started and ended at 135 pounds for all 12 of my dead lifts.  I tried to do 145, but couldn't even get it off the floor.  I have lost a lot, but I'll get it back eventually.

C--2 minutes on, 1 minute off
15 box jumps, then max effort Kettle Bell Swings
I used the 12" box to step up and down (still afraid to jump with the knee)
I used the 15# Kettle Bell.
We only counted our Kettle Bell Swings
I got a total of 146 to see about my 3 miles I missed out on last night.  My fastest 5k time ever was 50:49.  My first mile on Sunday was 15:25, because I was running intervals, but I screwed up starting my Garmin so the intervals weren't working.  I realize now what I should have done, so I'm going to run for 1 minute, walk for a minute and see how it goes.  3.1 miles, here I come.....I'll post once done.

So--I kicked ass!!!  I ran from light post to light post for 3.1 miles, for a total time of 50:23 and an average pace of 16:14.  super stoked, and VERY proud!!  I'm only 14 seconds over the average pace requirement, so I have 8-1/2 months to build up to maintaining this pace for 26.2 miles the day after I maintain it for 13.1 miles....yeah, I can get there, for SURE!!