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Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Sissy Test

My day off today wouldn't have been complete without a workout.  So, after I dropped the kids off to school, Ella and I headed to the box.  Got warmed up and stretched and then Tyler told us that we were going to do the Sissy Test today.  I pretty much know that I am a sissy, so volunteered to take that as fact and skip straight to Tabata training.  Tyler, who is AMAZING said, "nope, you're going to have to prove it."

So here is my modified version of the "Sissy Test"

800 meter run
15 pull ups
1 crucifix push up (on my knees)
13 pull ups
3 crucifix push up
11 pull ups
5 crucifix push ups
9 pull ups
7 crucifix push ups
7 pull ups
9 crucifix push ups
5 pull ups
11 crucifix push ups
3 pull ups
13 crucifix push ups
1 pull up
15 crucifix push ups
800 meter run

Took me 32:48 to complete it.

Tabata training today was 20 seconds on, 10 second break, 20 seconds on 10 second break.  The 2 movements we did were dead lifts and squat jumps.  I used 40 pounds for my deadlifts.  Feels awesome to have completed that, and now, at 9:00 tonight, have a date with the neighbor to run for 30 minutes.

Rockin' out the workouts.


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