The Incredible Shrinking Krista

Monday, October 1, 2012

Holy Hell!!!

Holy Hell, tonight's WOD was enough to have me still queasy 75 minutes later, which is fitting because we did 75 of everything in tonight's WOD, so it's only fitting to be sick and shaky for 75 minutes after the workout was over.

So, after our stretching and warm-up, we worked on squats and kettle bell swings.  Then it was time to start the WOD.

75 Wall-ball shots (I used an 8# ball, rx was 14#)
75 burpees (as always, I had to use a 12" box)
75 kettle bell swings (I used a 26# kettle bell for 59 of them, 10# for the last 16)
75 ab mat sit-ups

It took me 27:03 to finish.  I was the last one to finish, and thankfully, Jim rallied the troops, and I think every person at the 5:30 class was clapping and cheering me on.  I don't think I opened my eyes after about the 29th sit up.  I couldn't.  I couldn't talk.  All I could do was breathe and count, and both were becoming increasingly difficult.  When I was on 49, Jim said, "Just one more and you're done."  I said, "No, 1 more doesn't = 75" and just kept plugging along.  I always feel guilty when the whole rest of the class is cheering me on and like a total loser, but I didn't feel that way today.  I went in knowing that I wasn't 100%.  I have bronchitis, and asthma, and an ear infection.  The reality is, while the asthma and bronchitis could easily keep me from finishing a workout, I can't allow that to keep me from starting the workout.  Whether I finish or not is irrelevant on days like today.

I was hoping to finish in 25 minutes or less, but that didn't happen.  I took 27:03, but I finished.  I finished damn it.  It hurt, and I still feel like I am going to vomit, but I finished.

Another WOD down, hundreds more to go!



  1. Just wanted to post and let you know that I really enjoy reading your blog, it is so inspiring and honest, I really appreciate it! I have been trying to work up the nerve to join crossfit apex for a while now. I think I am intimidated by he workouts and overwhelmed by the amount of weight to lose!! I found your blog on their website and it has been encouraging!! Keep up the awesome work!

    1. Please do not be intimidated. The CrossFit APX family is AMAZING, and supportive. I had to modify every single workout for almost a month. I still have modification I do (I still can't go to the ground on burpees and I can't lift the recommended weight) but it is worth it. No one there will ever judge you and they are an awesome group. In all seriousness, you should come out and give it a try. Let me know once you've completed Foundations, and I'll come work out with you a few times.