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Monday, October 8, 2012


It is all about perspective I guess. 

I woke up this morning, late, and feeling hung over, though  I doubt 3 beers on Saturday night translate to a Monday morning hang-over.  I'm sore, my ears are stopped up, and I just wanted to stay in bed on this dreary, gray, cold day.  I laid there in bed rationalizing that I could miss today's workout, "no big deal".  After all, I was late waking up, no time to shave my legs, my stuff isn't packed for the workout, what would it hurt to miss it?  But then I got up and moving and convinced myself to pack my workout clothes anyway. 

I got to work, sauntered in, wishing I didn't have to be here.  The parking lot was empty this morning, thanks to it being Columbus day, fall break, and cold and dreary, there are NO students here today.  I even posted on Facebook how I didn't really want to work out, it was one of THOSE days where I'd go anyway, even though I didn't want to.  Then one of my amazing CrossFit Apex friends posted and told me to look at it from a different point of view. I don't HAVE to work out today, but I GET to work out today.  Which led me to a bit of a guilty feeling about the fact that I CAN workout, and so many people CAN'T. 

There are thousands of people in this country who can't work out for one reason or another, they are limited physically, or mentally, but either way, they just aren't able to get in a workout.  I CAN.  I have an amazing husband who will be home with our daughter after dance class for 2 hours before I get home.  I have an awesome mom who will be taking the other 2 to swim team, and they'll get home about 10-15 minutes before I do probably.  I have a supportive sister who will help chauffeur my 6 year old from school to dance class.  No one is mad at me for going to work out, they are all proud of me for taking the time to make myself healthier.  So who am I to complain about going to work out, when there are a ton of people with less supportive families and friends than I have? 

So, it's all about perspective.  Do I necessarily WANT to go workout today?  No.  But I CAN go workout today, and I WILL go workout today.  I will do it in the cold, and I won't push any less than if I was 100% in the mood for the workout.  I owe it to my supportive friends and family to make the best of every opportunity to work out.  I owe it to my kids to be the best role model possible.  I owe it to myself to find my full potential as a woman.  I want to know just how much this body can do, and right now, it is hand-cuffed with years of fat and sedentary lifestyle.  So, I'll go, and I'll push, and I'll bust my ass, because in all seriousness, that's how I will know what I am really made of. 

So, to CrossFit I go tonight....and I'll post about it tonight once I get home.


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