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Tuesday, October 2, 2012


October is National Anti-Bullying Month and there is no time like the present to address this issue in this little space of mine.  I have to say that I was never bullied as a child, and I pray that my children never are, but the reality is, statistically speaking, at least one of my children will face this in their lifetime.

I was led to post this after sing this news story/editorial on Emily Joy (from BL13) facebook page.  I guess I am left to wonder what this world is coming to.  How is it that any person watches the news and thinks to themselves, "Gee, I don't think that news personality realizes she is overweight when she looks in the mirror every day, maybe I should send her an email and drive home her responsibilities as a role model."  Who does that?

For anyone who is wondering, though I don't think any of my friends could possibly be this dense, anyone is overweight/obese is painfully aware of their situation.  It's not like we look in the mirror in the morning and say, "hmmmm, look at that beautifully skinny woman looking back at me.  I look hot, I am skinny, healthy, and have a perfect body.  That scale must be wrong, or someone is standing behind me putting their foot on it."  What we shouldn't do, though most of us are guilty of it, is attach our self-worth to the number on the scale.  As the reporter puts it so eloquently, "I am more than a number on a scale".

All of this doesn't just apply to weight, it applies to anything.  Weight, looks, acne, sexual preference, height, you name it.  Bullying and disrespect are learned behaviors.  No one is born knowing how to be hateful and disrespectful to others, these are learned behaviors.  So be a responsible parent and role model to your children by teaching them to treat others with the same dignity and respect that you would want to be treated.  Teach your children tolerance rather than hatred, and love rather than bullying.


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