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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ahhh, a workout!

I got to head back to CrossFit APX tonight!  I love getting back in to work out and sweat and get to see some of my favorite peeps.

So tonight's WOD was Justin and John Jarman's 26th birthday WOD.  This is synonymous with torture typically.  Birthday WOD's are typical brutal, and this one was definitely not the exception to the rule.

Tonight's WOD was as follows:
400 meter Run
26 Wall Ball Shots (20/14, I used an 8#er)
400 meter run
26 Crucifix push-ups
400 meter run
26 reverse ab-mat sit-ups
400 meter run
26 dead lifts (I lifted 60#)
400 meter run
26 Causack Squats (the side-to-side variety, similar to a side lunge)
400 meter run

I had to scale this, but modified nothing.  I did half of everything (runs included) and finished in 20:10.

It felt so freaking amazing to work out again.  I LOVE how it feels to get into the box and sweat.  I LOVE working out with my buddies.  I have grown to love the folks I work out with, the support they offer me, and the encouragement for everyone involved.

I also want to thank everyone who has taken the time to reach out to me, either through a friend, in person, by posting on my blog, my FB page or via email.  I have had a number of people tell me that my blog, and more particularly I am an inspiration.  This doesn't seem to fit well into my perception of myself, but I still want to be sure that anyone and everyone who has taken the time to express that, I truly appreciate.  This is definitely not a success-only journey, and your support and encouragement make it easier to get back up after I fall.

I truly appreciate everyone's love, support and feedback.  It means more to me than you will EVER know!


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