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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Victory in failures...

Today I found victory in my failure.  I was not able to complete the WOD today, for the first time since I started working out at CrossFit Apex.  The WOD in and of itself wasn't horribly difficult, but it was pretty hot, ridiculously humid and I went out way too fast.

Today's WOD:
50 wall ball shots
Then 3 rounds of the following:
10 power cleans (RX was 105, I did 55#)
40 double-unders (I can't do those yet, so it was 40 tuck jumps for me)
run 200 meters
Finish up with 50 burpees after the 3 rounds above.

I was doing pretty well, really, and at 25 minutes or so I was done with my 3 rounds and moving to burpees.  Something about the down to the 12" box then up and  jumping in the air started messing with my equilibrium and it wasn't good.  I finished 5 and took a break, finished 10 and took a break.  At this point, John started to get concerned because I wasn't breathing well, (damn asthma + humidity).  I could still talk to him.  I did 5 more burpees to finish 15, still talking.  I did 1 more and as I landed from my jump I felt my whole body start to wobble like a weeble.  I found a bench to sit down on, in front of the fan, and John came over to tell me I was done.  I really didn't want to be.  I thought I could get up and finish those last 34 burpees, but in reality, that would NOT have ended well.

I have to say, the huge victory in this is that I didn't quit, John made me.  I didn't give up on myself.  My body gave up on me.  I was trying so hard o finish my work out that my body just couldn't keep up.  I'm that girl who used to go to the gym, start walking/running on the treadmill and as soon as it started to get tough, I'd turn off the treadmill and go do something else.  I don't like feeling uncomfortable in my workouts.  I typically quit before it gets too hard.  But I'm not quitting on myself anymore.  I'm pushing myself.  Today I found my max, but that's a good thing, it means I truly pushed myself to my limits.  Next time I'll be able to finish those last 34 burpees, but for today, I'm still incredibly proud of myself.

Edited to add, I decided to go back and read my blog about the Princess Half Marathon this year, and my sister's.  I started this journey of honesty and using my failure to push me to succeed back in February at the Princess.  I decreed back then that I was going to use my failure to finish the princess as motivation to push myself and be prepared to finish it in 2013, and 6 months later, I am still true to my word.  I haven't sabotaged or given up on myself yet, which is a HUGE accomplishment for me.

Princess Biscuit!

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  1. Krista, this is AWESOME! Good for you for listening to your body! It is really frustrating when our mind says we can, but our body says we can't, but it's important to listen!

    THIS is exactly why I say you can go for both Princess and C2C next year if you want!