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Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Nothing says, "Fall is here!" like a nasty head cold that seems to be working toward bronchitis.  I get this every year, and it always makes me miserable.  I can't breathe through my nose AT ALL which makes using my CPAP incredibly difficult.  Not using my CPAP means I can't sleep for crap and not sleeping just makes me feel worse...Oh how I love mother nature....

On a serious note, today is the day I start running/walking to train for my Princess Half Marathon.  I will be working with a running coach here in my town who has run multiple races herself.  She was VERY encouraging when I met with her last weekend and kept telling me that 23 weeks was plenty of time to be prepared.  The plan she has in store for me is based more on time than on milage, at least at first.  She will send me my running workouts each week and I will do them and report back.  I'm going to use the Galloway "Run/walk/run" method, but I'm not sure at what intervals.  For now, I'm going to run a specific amount of time after warming up and let her know how I felt.  I will run until I'm starting to get winded, then walk until I'm recovered.  My coach assures me that in the beginning, the runs will be uncomfortable, but that as my body gets used to running, I will grow more and more comfortable, and fell better and better.  Once I've gotten to where my body is comfortable with running, we will work on cadence and what my pace is, but she doesn't want me concerned about all of that right now.  Her plan is that before I get to the Princess Half I will have run the same amount of time required to finish the race so that when I put my toe to the start line, I will have confidence that I have already done this before, and that my body is capable of finishing. 

This is a different approach than a lot of the plans that I have read, but for some reason, it doesn't feel nearly as daunting as the Galloway and some of the others.  I think that by focusing on time and not milage, I won't get overwhelmed as easily.  I look forward to going on this journey, and to finishing the Princess Half Marathon in February and finishing strong! 

Princess Biscuit.

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