The Incredible Shrinking Krista

Friday, September 21, 2012


I am so sweaty that the AC in the car, and subsequently the restaurant, made me have chills.

Sometimes CrossFit makes me question my sanity, and wonder what the hell I am thinking when I walk in there.  Tonight's warm up looked like a lot of people's work-outs.

The warm up (after stretching) was run 100 meters, 10 kettle bell swings (I used 26#) and 10 med ball squats (I used the 8 pounder), 3 rounds.

Then the fun started.....she says sarcastically

100 burpees...starting with the clock, on each minute mark, stop doing burpees and do 2 cleans, then push presses.  back to burpees till the 2 minute mark, 2 more cleans and push-presses.  Continue this process until you reach 100 burpees.  It took me 14:30.  I still had to modify my burpees with the 12" box due to my hip flexor issue, and I used 50# for my cleans/push-presses instead of the 75# rx.  I haven't gotten up the nerve yet to put 75# on a bar and try to lift it just yet.

WOD#2 was med ball sit-ups with a partner--Love working out with you Karen! (sit up, throw the ball to your partner, they to a sit up) for 1 minuted, 15 second transition to cones that you "hopped" over, both feet touching between the cones (this was an agility exercise which I failed MISERABLY at!!!!!)  I couldn't hop over the cones, I had to step, and by the time we were half way through the 1st minute of those the muscles on the outside of my hips (the abductors maybe) were SCREAMING at me and we had to do 3 rounds of this

The Finisher WOD was an agility exercise with one of those ladders in the parking lot.  Our coach, John, would tell us what agility exercise to do in the ladder.  I made it through a few rounds, but after the warm up and the first 2 WODs my legs were SHOT.  I was getting so tired I couldn't pick my feet/legs up anymore and I was stumbling, about to fall down.  Doing so would have not only wiped me out, but also the 3 or 4 people behind me.  Stepping away was better for the safety of myself and the other people in our group.

We were supposed to work on climbing the rope tonight, but I have a HUGE fear of it.  When I was in middle school I remember we were supposed to climb the rope, and I never made it more than 5 feet off teh ground, if that, and slid right on back down.  I've never had the upper body strength to so that when I was thin and healthy, and I just didn't feel the need to embarrass myself tonight.  There were, however, quite a few girls who were able to pull it off.

Here's a huge shout-out to my girl, Shaade.  Shaade inspires me every time we workout together.  She rocks every workout.  She is the only girl I know in our box (other than Andrea) who can actually do pull-ups consistently.  She doesn't show any struggles, outside of the norm, when we are working out.  She lifts twice what I do.  She is amazing, inspirational, and a beast in the Box!  I love Shaade, and she's just as nice as she is awesome!

I may not have mentioned it enough times, since I've only said it about 18, 276 times....I LOVE MY BOX!  they are amazing, supportive and inspiring!  Please come visit us.

Princess Biscuit


  1. Hi from the Runner's Blog Hop. I loved reading this! One of my goals for 2013 is to find a local box and join. I'm obsessed with CrossGit and I haven't even tried it yet.

    Read your post below about asthma. Just had my first asthma attack 2 weeks ago. Exercise Induced Asthma the doctor tells me. It's not going to stop me!

    1. Thanks, Jill! I find that it gets far worse in the heat and humidity. Mine is also far worse when I am sick, like now. You should definitely try out CrossFit, it is AMAZING!!!