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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Screw asthma....I'm going to beat this!

Tonight was rough.  I went to CrossFit APX tonight, coughing, hacking and wheezing a bit, but asthma be damned, I'm not taking a week off from working out.

Tonight's WOD was 6 rounds for time of the following:

3 Snatches at 75# for the ladies (I used 40)
6 overhead squats at 75# for the ladies (I used 40)
9 pull-ups (I use a resistance band to put my knee in to help me with these because I clearly can't do pull-ups yet).

I finished my WOD in 11:44, with a fair amount of hacking and wheezing.  As I was finishing, Baller told me I needed to do 10 more pull-ups, and when I told him I was finished his response was, "DO you know the difference between extra and extraordinary?  A little extra."  So, I did 10 more assisted jumping pull-ups.  What can I say?  He was right.

The finisher tonight was 10 50 meter sprints as a group.  I hadn't finished the first 50 when the rest of the group started their 2nd sprint.  I finished the second spring and my lungs gave out on me.  (the rest of the group was finishing their 3rd sprint.)  I started coughing and couldn't stop.  I had to stop or risked going into a full-blown asthma attack.  It was totally worth it to work out.  I'll be back Friday, and again on Sunday.  I'm thinking I might try to do the workout I couldn't finish a few weeks ago and see how it goes, if maybe I can finish the workout this time.

Oh--and in other news, I'm so excited to say that when I got on the scale today that I was under 260 for the first time in quite a while.  I was at 259.8, which is a weight loss of 4.4 pounds.  I'm starting to see some serious changes in how my clothes are fitting.  Things that used to be tight are now comfortable.

I can't wait for my 18's which I have the most of, to get too big.  I'm hoping that I can shrink enough that when its time to pack away my summer clothes so I feel comfortable donating them, rather than packing them away and holding on to them.

Until next time,

Princess Biscuit!

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