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Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Tonight was THAT NIGHT.  You know that old saying, "No good deed goes unpunished"?  yeah, well, today was proof positive of that statement being true.

So after doing my first real burpees during a WOD last night, I was feeling pretty confident when I walked into the box tonight.  I saw my buddy Jeff and he said, "I'm so glad you're here tonight!"  then our friend Robert said, "Don't even look it's better that way."  So you know, kind of like watching a train wreck, someone tells you not to look and what do you do?  You look.  Everyone does....Oh lord, I looked and wished I hadn't.

We had but 1 WOD tonight, and it was a simple one to remember to be able to write down here....

WOD #1:

100 burpees for time

Really? So, my reward for figuring out how to do real burpees is LOTS-O-PRACTICE!!!  It was tough.  Jeff told me not to look at the clock, to face the back wall of the box and just keep going.  I made tick marks on a mini whiteboard, 10 of them, at the end of each 10 burpees, I wiped one off.  The first 20 went by pretty quickly, but then it started to get tough.  Around 40 I really started to struggle and noticed that Trell and one or 2 others were already done.  I mean, really?  I'm slow as crap, but that was fast.  As time went on, I noticed that more people were finishing, and I was just plugging along.  At one point my right shoe came off because it was tied loosely, like I do when I'm going to be running since my feet swell, not necessary for 100 burpees.  Then I realized my left big toe was getting caught when I went down, so I had to put my shoes back on.  I continued plugging along, and by the time I had 40 left, everyone but me was done.    I'm not sure when, but my buddy Karen came over and started doing burpees facing me and helping me count and keep going.  Then Andi came over, and Andrea, and Jeff, and Trell, and Bryan, and Bruce.  By the time I had about 30 left, they were all doing them with me, cheering me on, encouraging me to breathe.  THIS, my friends and family, is why I do CrossFit.  Those folks did way more than their 100 burpees, and they didn't have to do it.  They could all have popped a squat right there, sat cross-legged and counted for me, or cheered me on, but they did my burpees with me.  They counted with me.  This is why I LOVE CrossFit APX and the people I have met there.  It is all a mental thing.  I said going in, "I can't do 100 burpees."  Jeff said, "Can you do 10?"  "Yep"  "okay, so do 10, and then just keep doing 10 at a time, until you've done 100".

These people have shown me love and support that is unbelievable to me.  They didn't have to do the extra burpees, but they did, to help me, to encourage me, and to support me.  I love my CrossFit APX family.  LOVE THEM!  So that is my workouts for the week, until Saturday.  I am competing Saturday, and will get at least 4 WODs in.  If I am in the final, which I HIGHLY doubt, it would be 5.

If you ever want somewhere to workout, come over to CrossFit APX.  They are all AMAZING!

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