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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Alright 2013.....BRING IT!!!

This first 4 days of 2013 have been less than stellar in the "life and work" departments, but I'm pretty proud of myself in the eating department.  Last night for dinner I did eat Taco Bell, which was BAD, but I had actually missed lunch so calorie wise I didn't blow myself out of the water, but it definitely wasn't as healthy as eating a huge salad with vegetables, chicken or tuna, and a fruit.  Again, looking at the positive side of things, I'm not going to focus on the one mistake I made yesterday, I'm going to focus on the fact that other than that, the last 3 days have been very good for me diet-wise.  I have stuck to a healthy, "clean" diet and had A LOT of water to drink.  Not quite at goal yet (drinking a gallon of water/day is pretty tough) but I'm getting there.  Believe it or not, I've already started to see some results.  After the holidays, I got on the scale Wednesday morning, and I got on the scale.  Reality is reality, and I needed to know where I was starting.  Wednesday morning when I got on the scale it said 264.  This is a mere .2 pounds less than when I started CrossFitting in July, but I knew I was pretty dehydrated, and a good dose of water would probably alleviate some of that, and this morning I was already back down to 258 on the scale.  I DO NOT believe for a single second that I have lost 6 pounds of fat in 3 days.  I figure I have lost some water weight, etc.  I'm going to be working really hard to continue the victories that I am experiencing right now.  Here are a few goals I'm hoping to reach:

1--Barney and I are flying to San Diego 5 weeks from tomorrow.  When I got on the plane to go to Boston, I had to ask for a seat belt extender.  I was only maybe an inch from being able to fasten that seatbelt.  I am desperately hoping that I won't have to ask for one on the flight to San Diego.

2--In 50 days or so I will be running the Princess Half Marathon.  I would really like to lose about 2 pounds/week between now and then which would put me at right around 240 when I start the race, smaller than I have been since I quit breast feeding Ada in 2006.

3--We are going on an Anniversary Cruise on April 28th.  That is 16 weeks from now, and if I continue a healthy weight loss of 2 pounds per week, I would be down to about 220 when we board that cruise ship.  The smallest Barney has ever seen me was about 210 pounds.

As I said earlier when I posted my New Year's Resolutions, I can't focus on the scale, only on the things I can control, like getting in my workouts and what I put in my mouth.  That is what I need to focus on so that the scale will fall in line and do what I want it to.

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