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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Love and Support are VITAL!!!

Sometimes when things get rough and you start to question your ability to complete some of your goals it is the love and support of your friends and family that mean the difference between successful completion and throwing in the towel.

I am in a group of running moms on Facebook and they are some of the most amazing women I have ever encountered.  I have mentioned them before, some are "Ironmen" some are marathon winners, some are on journeys to lose weight and change their lifestyle like I am and some are ultra marathon runners.  We are all supportive of each other, and I often feel unworthy to be a member of their group.  Well, I started freaking out after my run/walk on Saturday because my pace was right around 20 minutes/mile, and to not get swept, I need to be under 16 minutes/mile.  I was freaking out.  I went on the page for the RMM and immediately they jumped in to encourage me.  They gave me training tips, and things.  One of them, Denise, who just ran the Goofy challenge earlier this month (Half Marathon on Saturday, full marathon on Sunday at WDW) said she was on the search for a bib to be able to do the half with me.  She messaged me last night saying that she thought she had a bib, and if her starting corral was ahead of mine, she would drop back and start with me and pace me for the entire race so I don't get swept.  If my corral is ahead of hers, she will run till she catches me, then pace me to the finish.  I have never encountered this kind of support in my life.  I have never had a group of people so willing to encourage me and help me reach a goal.

I also met with the owner of my CrossFit box yesterday.  She has struggled with an eating disorder as well, so she understands how overwhelming it can be to totally change  my eating.  We sat and talked yesterday and she asked me to work on 1 meal at a time.  Once I have breakfast figured out, and I'm really comfortable with eating breakfast that is good and healthy every day, we'll move on to addressing lunch and eventually dinner.  We'll work on one meal/snack at a time so as not to overwhelm me.  She also encouraged my running/walking, and said that continuing to run/walk will help with my cardio vascular endurance, and help me to start seeing results faster.

I feel like I am surrounded by people who are fully invested in me making good choices and realizing my long-term goal of getting this weight off and being healthy.  In the mean-time, Andrea asked me to come up with my short term, mid-term and long term goals, and we will continue to work toward, here goes:

Short Term Goals:
1--Finish the Princess Half Marathon
2--Start finding ways to love/accept myself

Mid-Term goals:
1--dedicate myself to a running & CrossFit routine
2--Start following my heart to do the things that I enjoy
3--get a decent grip/understanding of food/nutrition

Long term goals:
1--Run a marathon
2--Become a certified CrossFit coach
3--Reach the full potential of my body
4--Get healthy/fit.  Weight is not my focus, health and fitness is.

Until next time!


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