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Friday, January 18, 2013

Let me re-introduce myself. Hello...I am a badass!

Well, Hello Grace!  We meet again!!

The last time I did Grace, on November 19th, it took me 5:18 to finish my 30 clean and jerks, at 65# and proceeded to go to the parking lot and vomit.

Today I bumped up my weight up to 75#, and I finished in 5:10.  I was so proud, and no pukies this time either which makes it even better.

Then we worked on dead lifts as our strength skill.  My 1 rep max in the past was 225, but we did it immediately after warming up (no lifting before that) and it was truly 1 rep and done.  So we were paired/grouped together based on strength, and again Andrea assigned me to work with 2 gentlemen, 2 that I really like and both of whom inspire me, which makes it even better.  So I was going to lift with Phillip and Robert.  We started at 95# for 5 reps, then up to 135# for 5 reps, 150# for 5 reps, and 175 for 3 reps.  We all did these weights/reps, and Robert was still making it look incredibly easy.  He had already PR'd by 10# and I felt like he had a lot more in him, maybe even 200#.  He wasn't so sure.  So we next put 200# on the bar, and dropped down to 3 reps of each weight.  Robert did his, Phillip did his, and then one of them asked me if I was going to "try".  Try my butt, I was going to lift it.  And I did, 3x.  Then we went up to 220.  By this point my back and my body were sore....30 dead lifts, and 21 dead lifts building up to 220.  I tried twice to lift it, but I just didn't have that much strength left to get it done.

Here's the cool part.  I really felt like a badass.  I know, I know, unlady-like to say that, and probably inappropriate to brag, but there is something in me that when I think someone is questioning my ability to lift weight it pushes me, and increases my desire to do just that.  Even cooler than that, is I was making suggestions on form for Robert as he was lifting.  I have grown to LOVE the idea of being a certified CrossFit coach once I have found my groove, and gotten my weight down where it should be.  I like encouraging, teaching and coaching...I think I have found my niche, and it is CrossFit.

Till next time...


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