The Incredible Shrinking Krista

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Random Middle of the night Ramblings!!

Trying to figure out what I will do to be able to continue working out with the best trainer in the world...Chris Mitchell. 

I noticed tonight that for the first time in the recent (memorable) past, my belly doesn't stick out past my chest....eve w/o a properly supportive bra on!!!  (This is a huge victory for me!)

If I was to continue losing 10 pounds/month for the next 12 months (a fairly realistic goald since that is about 2.5 pounds/week) I will be at my goal weight of 135 by my 37th birthday!! 

Part of me really wants to donate all of my winter clothes to goodwill or something since I desperately want to believe that I will need an entirely new wardrobe next fall in a far smaller size, but I'm just not quite that confident yet.

I had a HUGE awakening today.  I realized that my negative attitude about myself, can sometimes be interpreted by those that I interact with as an overall negative attitude.  I have never felt negatively about anyone other than myself, so the realization that my personal displeasure with myself in the past has been read as an overall negativity was upsetting and enlightening at the same time. 

I have got some MASSIVE work to do! 

Till next time!


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  1. Stay positive, Krista! :) To achieve what you have achieved in the past month is AMAZING! Keep it up!