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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Training Concerns

Okay, so after the race on Sunday, I have a list of things that I KNOW I need to address before February. 

1--I need to figure out nutrition on long runs.  I ate a Cliff Bar at about 6:00 while I was on the way to the race and nothing else until after the race was over, I'd gone back to the hotel and taken a shower, and went to IHOP.  I think this may well have contributed to my dizziness and nausea at the end of the race that had me throw in the towel.

2--I need to get some "wright socks" to wear to prevent blisters, and put vaseline on the bottoms of my feet too.

3--I need to get a GPS watch.  The HRM does nothing but overwhelm me.  The chest strap chaffes and leaves me with scabs all around my chest, and if I had a GPS, I would have known I only had .6 miles left, and wouldn't have asked some stupid cop that was clueless.

4--I need an iFitness belt to carry things in.

5--I need to make a check-list for the morning of the race so I don't forget things like I usually do

6--I will NEVER AGAIN use icy hot

7--I need to find a more effective way of communicating with my friends/loved ones while I"m on the race course.

8--for me, sometimes I need to know just what I'm capable of doing without really preparing or trying, to get an idea of what I might be able to do once I do.  I don't know that I would have had any confidence going into Princess Half Marathon if I hadn't done the race on Sunday.  Now that I know I almost did it w/o training, I'm 100% certain that if I train, I can do what I want to do, and possibly finish between 3:00 and 3:30, which would be AMAZING!!!

9--My value lies in what I believe of myself and tell myself.  I am not defined by what I am told, or what others think of me.  I have to be my own biggest fan, because depending on others to do that for me can be fickle, and frustrating.  I have always depended on others to tell me what I was capable of because I was afraid to believe my own thoughts and fail, so I figured people on the outside looking in had a more realistic perspective of my abilities.  I was wrong.  I KNOW what I can do, and I NEED to do it, regardless of what the doubters in my life try to tell me. 

Keep on dreaming, folks.



  1. Awesome, now that you know, just think how good you will do by the time you train!! Keep up the good work. Go to and they can hook you up on the belt and other items. They are also on FaceBook!
    Good luck & happy training!!

  2. I've had issues with chafing before - have you ever tried bodyglide or something similar? Works like a hot damn.

    #9 - YES! I think this is a valuable statement for a lot of us :)

  3. I eat a bagel with peanut butter before a race, and then do a Clif bar an hour before the start. I drink at each water stop, and have CLIF shot blocks every hour. I also stock post-race food in my checked bag- at least a recovery drink if nothing else.

    I use Darn Tough socks, and although I've tried Feetures and Balega's, nothing can beat my Darn Tough ones!

    GPS is not always super accurate. But it would have let you know within a reasonable margin of error that you had only 0.6 miles left on the course.

    Any reason for iFitness in particular? I wholeheartedly agree about some sort of belt though. I love my SPI belt and use it for Disney parks and other times that I want to carry stuff without my purse.

    Checklists are my best friend.

    1. I like the iFitness belt, a lot. I hate pinning my # to my shirt, and it has the toggles to hold your race bib, also has a place for keys, gels, and ability to add on hydration. I want to get it early to get used to running w/it. I'm gonna check out darn tough socks too. Maybe a pair or 2 of those and wright socks, see which one I like best

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