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Saturday, November 10, 2012


I went back to CrossFit last night and worked out for the first time since my race.  We worked on our planks, and on knees to elbows.  I'm finally starting to get the body mechanics of K2E, it's the strength to hold myself up and hang from the bar to be able to do them.  Holding 257 pounds up and swinging from the bar is hard on your hands.  Incidentally, I tore open 2 calousses last night.

The first Wod was 40 seconds of quick box jumps, then 20 seconds of K2E.  The goal was speed and intensity.  You were supposed to use a smaller box than you are used to, but I already use the smallest box available (12"), so I went with that, and speed wasn't really an option for me.  We didn't count reps on this WOD, the purpose was the speed and athletic movements.  We did 5 rounds of this.

The second WOD was a 400 meter run, then, in what was left of that 3 minute round you were to do as many cleans as possible.  Because I'm still recovering from the Half marathon, my right ankle is still very sore and swollen, and I still have blisters, we went with me doing 200 meters for me, then cleans.  We did 4 rounds of this one.  So I did 200 meters, then 5 cleans in the first round, 1 minute rest, didn't run the second round, but did 6 cleans, 1 minute rest, 200 meters and 5 cleans in the 3rd round 1 minute rest, and 200 meters and 4 cleans in the fourth round.  I was doing 65# cleans, and made it to 20 of them.

My ankle is still sore, so I am now VERY aware of the fact that for the Princess and every training run, I WILL be wearing my ankle brace.  I will also be wearing it during the recovery of about a week or 2 after, every single day.  I will also be icing it regularly after my runs, and after the Princess, I'll be one of those folks walking around with a bag of ice strapped to my ankle.

Today is a 3 mile run/walk for training.  I think I'm going to head over to the high school track here in town, so I know how far I am going and to help with some intervals for running/walking and consistency.  I'm going to try to do the whole 3 miles with a 200 meter jog, 200 meter walk.

Until next time....

Princess Krista

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