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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Beyond excited!!

Mom and I were out and about doing some shopping and stuff and our last stop was at Walmart.  I have been trying to find a simple, inexpensive dress to wear on the beach when Barney and I renew our vows in a couple of weeks.  I saw a cute dress hanging there, one problem, it was hanging in the Misses department, not the Women's Plus Sizes.  So, went over to see how big it came...DRAT!  only as big as a size 16.  Well, what do I have to lose, it is only $14, so I picked up the size 16 and headed to the dressing room to see how far away I was from fitting into this adorable dress.  Imagine my surprise when I not only got it on, but it fit nicely, over my workout pants, and looked pretty cute, considering.....I couldn't be happier!!

So, in typical Krista fashion, those of you who know me, know what happened next....that's right, I stood right there in the Walmart dressing room and cried!  Hey, it is one of the things I do best.  I am so excited.  It felt so good, I can't help but continue to push myself down this amazing path of health and fitness!

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  1. What an accomplishment! Congrats, Krista! :)