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Thursday, October 3, 2013

post-surgery update

Good morning!

I had my Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy on Monday, and am home now and recovering.  The day of the surgery, as soon as I woke up, I couldn't stop crying.  I was in a lot of pain, and thought I was going to throw up, which I understand is completely normal.  They gave me pain medicine, and anti-nausea medicine, and I haven't really needed that since.  I had a pain button to push if I needed it, and only pushed it maybe 5x in the hours I was at the hospital, and 2 of those were Monday night to help me sleep.  I still have some discomfort when I sip too much too fast, but I'm getting better at knowing what the limitations are.

I got home from the hospital on Tuesday, about 8:00 pm.  I tried sleeping in my bed, but honestly, I was too uncomfortable laying flat, so about 3:30 am yesterday I came downstairs and got comfortable in the recliner.  I've only taken 1 dose of pain medicine since getting home, and haven't needed any of the anti-nausea medicine.

Yesterday, my friend Faith came over and spent some time with me.  I wasn't sure how I would do home alone for the day because I was still pretty woozy late Tuesday. I was feeling ok yesterday, but it was incredibly nice to have someone to talk to.  We also went for a walk in the neighborhood.  walking is the key to getting the gas they used to pump up my stomach for the surgery to be absorbed into my body, and taken care of.

My goal for the first week home is to be sure I get in all the proper fluids and nutrition.  I am supposed to get in 60-80 grams of protein each day, and 64 oz of water.  Yesterday I got in a little over 50 grams of protein, and all of my fluids.  I'm trying a different approach today to be sure I can get it all in.

I got on the scale, reluctantly, because with all the fluids and gas pumped into me at the hospital, I expected it to be more than the morning I had the surgery.  I started my pre-op diet at 265.8, I went into surgery at 255.3, and today, I'm at 253.8, so I have lost exactly 12 pounds since I started the pre-op diet.

Today, I feel incredibly good.  I haven't needed pain medication in 36 hours, so I'm going to drive today, to work, to turn in my September time sheet, and some files that I didn't get to work on.  This will be my first time driving since the surgery.  Don't want to over-do it though.

I'll keep posted on how things are going.  I go back to the doctor next Friday, October 11 for my 2 week follow up.  between now and then, I'm going to try to avoid the scale, and just listen to my body.

Until next time!


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  1. I'm so glad your procedure went well and that you're recovering quickly!