The Incredible Shrinking Krista

Thursday, October 31, 2013

1 month out

Yesterday I was one month out from having Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy surgery.  I went for my follow-up with my surgeon and he was very impressed with my progress.  According to his scale, I weighed 239.5, having started at 268.8 before I started the pre-op diet on September 16, meaning I have lost 29.3 pounds in 6 weeks. 

My clothes have started to fit far differently.  The pants that I was in denial of having been too small now aren't.  I no longer come home with that red irritated band around my mid-section because my pants are too small and don't fit right.  I don't have a single set of pants left in my wardrobe that fit me like that.  In fact, today, I put on a pair of leggings that I bought when I was pregnant with Justin.  I have had these pants for 10 years, and for the first time ever, they are baggy, in the booty and in the legs.  this has never happened to me! 

I also found out from the doctor yesterday that I have been cleared to work out as strenuously as I choose.  I'm allowed to go back to CrossFit APX, I'm allowed to lift, run, swim, do whatever I feel comfortable with.  I am so excited that I can get back to being active again. 

I'll be alternating swimming and running in the morning, and CrossFitting 2-3 days a week.  If there is anything I have figured out through personal experience and talking to other people who have had the same surgery I did, it is that without diligent compliance and working out, I will be left with a great deal of excess skin hanging down that can only be taken care of surgically.  I knew that eventually I would have to have some plastic surgery after all is said and done, but I really don't want to sign on to a tummy tuck, thigh lift, breast lift and reduction, arm skin removal/reconstruction.  I'd like to keep the necessary surgeries to an absolute minimum---so to make that happen, I have to focus on some seriously amazing workouts and following the diet plan provided by my doctor. 

I didn't take measurements before I started this process, but I did the other night, and unfortunately, left them written down at home.  I will update tonight and add my measurements, as well as a side-by-side picture of myself in the same outfit I wore to the hospital for surgery.  I'm certain there will be a drastic difference in my appearance, because I FEEL very different, and everyone tells me I look a lot smaller, and my clothes fit very differently than they used to. 

My completely unrealistic goal is to be under 200 pounds by 1/1/14.  I seriously doubt I will lose 39.5 pounds in the next 2 months...but we'll see how it goes.  I'd love to start 2014 in Onderland!



  1. Hooray for you Krista! Keep it up!!

  2. Congratulations Krista! Best wishes for continued success!!