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Monday, March 11, 2013

And, I'm back

Tonight was my first night back to CrossFit in over a month.  The last CrossFit workout I did was in San Diego, 1 month ago today.  I have missed my workouts, my CrossFit friends and my support system.  Coming back today was bitter sweet.  We have a new coach, Juice, and are losing a coach, Tyler.  Tyler has been there since I started pretty much, so it is going to be weird to NOT see him there every time I go to the Box. 

Tonight was the first time I have worked out with Juice, and we did a really structured warm-up, which was really nice.  For me, being the slow person, a structured workout we all do together is nice, because even though I'm the slowest, I didn't get left in the dust.  When it was time to start our strength wod, I was a little behind the 8-ball.  A few weeks ago, everyone did CrossFit Total to find their maxes on some standard lifts.  I wasn't there, so I don't know what my 1-rep max back squat is and tonight's squats were to be based on a percentage of that maximum.  I started with doing 65# low-bar back squats, and they felt a bit too easy, so I bumped up to 85#, 8 reps, then went to 95#, 8 reps, 115#, 8 reps and maxed out at 125#, 8 reps. 

Our first WOD was to drop back down to our 55% weight, mine that I started with was 85#, and do a 2 minute AMRAP of back squats.  We were asked to try to not re-rack the weight if at all possible.  I didn't re-rack the weight, but I did drop it off my back once.  My goal was to get to 25 reps, and when I reached that, I was aiming for 30 reps.  I ended up at 28 reps in 2 minutes.  Not too bad for my first night back.

The second WOD was 8 minutes, EMOM (Every minute on the minute) 100 meter sprint followed by either 5 dips or 5 push-ups.  I'm not able to do dips with my current weight, and about 10 steps into my first sprint I felt my foot pop!  It hurt, really bad, after that my sprints became hobbling run/walks of 50 meters, instead of 100 meters.  The fact is, though, while I hobbled and it hurt, I never quit.  I never gave up.  I won't again allow myself to give up on a challenge, regardless of pain.  regardless of permission from a coach or a friend.  Regardless of what my brain says.  I will NEVER AGAIN give up.  I've done it way too much in the last 38 years, and it is neither becoming, nor productive, so it won't be happening anymore. 

Tomorrow morning, 6:00AM, it'll be back to the box, and then an evening run once the kids are in bed.  I've got lots of training to do.  I've got a LONG way to go, because I WILL complete 13.1 in 2013. 

Till next time!


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