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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Oh, the drama....

Okay, so since I have started applying for "The Biggest Loser" I have approached it much in the same way that I take on any new task....I have gone everywhere I could think of and scoured every inch of internet space I could find about how to get on the show.  Let me just say, that doing so has left me a bit overwhelmed, and even surprised by some people out there.  Now, I'm not here to judge, but it is one of those things like, "Why do we need to tell people in the McDonald's drive thru that the coffee that they order is, indeed, hot?"  You see, some people apparently don't have any social skills at all. 

Case-in-point...I have found a Facebook page for one of the casting directors of The Biggest Loser and one of the many things that she had to request, sadly enough, is that people not bombard her page with self-promotional stuff because she uses it as an avenue to keep Biggest Loser hopefuls up to date on what is happening in the Biggest Loser casting process.  Being a text-book rule follower, I have done exactly as asked, but imagine my surprise when someone who hasn't been around talking to other hopefuls about her application or video process jumps onto the page, posts a video link and prefaces it with "This is NOT a self-promotional video.....I got a VIP pass to a casting call because of this video, so if you want to get on the show, watch my video and use it as your model."  I mean, really?  The casting directors have repeatedly posted that they want everyone to "BE YOURSELF" in your audition tape, so clearly, copying her video would be me, acting like her.  Clearly, that won't work.....Then, she goes out on the discussion board where people have asked for feedback and starts tearing apart the videos that people have posted out there asking for feedback, and starts ripping them apart, comparing hers to theirs, etc.  She has started a blog with Biggest Loser polls for hopefuls to weigh in on, and even listed her own casting tips...This level of brazenness dumbfounds me, to be quite honest.  I mean, I'm glad she got a VIP pass and everything, but if you read the casting directors posts, this doesn't mean she is a shoe-in for the show.  All the VIP pass means is that you don't have to wait in line for hours on end, you get to show up at noon, and go to the front of the line at that point.  I won't even go into my editorial comments on her audition video.  Let's just say, my Mommy told me that if I didn't have anything nice to say, I shouldn't say anything at all, so I'm pleading the 5th on her video. 

Why can't people just go through the process, take it for what it's worth, and move on?  BTW, I can't imagine that I will audition for the biggest loser more than this season.  You see, I would love the help, the time, and the resources that are offered at the Biggest Loser Ranch.  I would love to have Bob kick my ass in the gym, and have Cara teach me how to box, its something I have always wanted to learn.  But if I'm being 100% honest with myself, I know that something drastic has got to change to get me healthy.  In my humble opinion, that doesn't mean that I keep applying to be a contestant on the Biggest Loser until I get on and get to avail myself of those resources, it means that I'm going to audition, but if I don't get on, I'm not going to sit back and let some casting director who lives in Hollywood decide what my future holds, or more importantly, how much I will weigh when I get there.  I really WANT and NEED this opportunity, but if I don't get it, I'm going to kick my own ass until it shrinks down to the appropriate size.  I'm tired of being fat....and no one has more power to change that than me!

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