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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Random thought-provoking question

So I am in a number of groups on Facebook that are Weight Loss Surgery support groups.  This last week someone who has not yet had surgery posted a question that has been stuck in my mind and been making me think for days now.  Now that I have made a decision about my position on this question, I thought I would share my perspective.

The Question:  Do you enjoy food more or less since surgery?

My answer:  Neither.  The reality is, before I had weight loss surgery, I would be completely preoccupied with food.  After breakfast I would message my husband and asked what he wanted for dinner.  I would get excited about eating out.  If someone mentioned Olive Garden I would start drooling over the breadsticks dipped in Alfredo sauce and Fetuccini Alfredo for dinner.  If someone mentioned Buffalo wings, I could feel my heart rate speed up with pure excitement of shoving the food in my mouth.  Now that I have had weight loss surgery, food is neither exciting, nor upsetting, it is something that I require to get through the day, but there is no longer an emotion attached to it.  Before my surgery, food was my best friend, the thing I went to when I was happy, or sad.  the thing I pursued when I needed moral support for some reason.  I no longer have this connection with food, at all.  I now view food as a necessity and the rules of weight loss surgery, which can be overwhelming, are very strict and failure to follow them could cause major problems and complications.  I have NO desire to jeopardize my health or my success for a piece of sugar-laden cake.  This is not to say that I have followed every rule perfectly since my surgery, but if there is cake, 1 bite is sufficient.  If there are french fries in the house, 5 or 6 fries is enough to curb the craving.

Some other interesting changes that have happened since my surgery:

I have noticed that I no longer have dark circles under my eyes, which in the past I was told were related to a food allergy.

even while sitting down, my tummy doesn't stick out quite as far as the girls

When I bought my car, my hips would get sore because they were wider than the seat, and the sides of the seat where they come up, put pressure on my substantial hips---not anymore

I used to hit my stomach while turning the steering wheel because my belly stuck out so far, now I have a good 6-8 inches between my tummy and the steering wheel

I can now sit "Indian style" or "cris-cross applesauce" for the first time in years

I can cross my legs

I can wear heals without my feet swelling and hurting horribly within minutes

My BMI is now below 40 for the first time in YEARS

I'm a mere 6 pounds away from being smaller than Barney has ever seen me

I started this process in an uncomfortably tight size 22, I am now wearing size 18's and they are not tight or uncomfortable.  I'm likely about 5-10 pounds away from size 16's.

Next goals to reach:

I am a mere 15 pounds from "one-derland"!!!

I am starting the "New Year, New You Weight Loss Challenge" at my gym on the 20th, I NEED this to get myself on track and stay there

I have 3 races coming up, 1 each in February, March and April--my goal is to improve my time at each one, and finish all 3 in under 3:30

I am going to stick to my training plan!

I am going to start tracking my food intake, protein and water in My Fitness Pal on a daily basis

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  1. Girl you are doing great! I can't wait to praise God for all of this in our Bible study coming up. I am eagerly awaiting your tips and motivation. I need my girls to be bigger than my tummy again too. Love you.