The Incredible Shrinking Krista

Friday, January 24, 2014

No Rest for the Weary.....(or was it Wicked)?

So, my goals for 2014 were blown out of the water today...

After all the stress of having to have our puppy put to sleep, and daddy being in the hospital for the last week, when he got home on Wednesday night, and the kids were spending some quality time with their Popi, I ran to the gym for a quick theory?  Hey---maybe some endorphins from a workout will help this stress level of about 20 I've been rockin' these last few days. I went.  I missed the first 10 minutes of the first class I planned to attend (Body Pump), so I hopped on the treadmill for a couple of miles, and then headed to Zumba. I know, I know, it's cheesy when you love CrossFit as much as I do, but I also LOVE to dance.  I was feeling pretty awesome, and then about 15 minutes into the class, picked my left foot up off the floor, and both heard and felt a loud POP!  Eh, nothing horrible, I could still bear weight....finished the class and headed home.

Yesterday I was home with my 7 year old who has Strep Throat, and decided to ice my knee a bit since it was still pretty tender.  This morning, no improvement, so I decided since I needed to go get MY throat checked now since I feel like I took up sword swallowing in my sleep, I'd call the orthopedist and get in to see him too.  The last thing I wanted or expected to hear was, "You tore your meniscus.  We have to get an MRI to verify that for you insurance, but you'll need knee arthroscopy.".  Dude....are you serious??  Let me translate...."your insurance company is going to require you to pay over $500 for a test you don't need because I already know the results.....Then surgery, which you will also have to pay quite a bit for.  Yeah.  Thanks!!

So--there will be NO half marathon in February or March.  I will do a half in April, July and possibly November.  I MAY still go for the WDW marathon, but I'm not sure, it'll depend on healing, training and how this knee feels...I may have to push it back to 2016

UGH---I hate injuries.


  1. That sucks! Things seemed to be going so well! Weren't you also doing the glass slipper challenge?

    1. I had deferred it last fall due to my weight loss surgery, and the challenges of staying hydrated this closely to that kind of surgery, but I will be there in 2015.