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Monday, January 13, 2014

Decluttering and my Goals for 2014

Here lately I have found myself to be very overwhelmed, almost constantly.  The reality is, this is a self-imposed anxiety created by my enjoyment of all things electronic, social media and reality TV.  I have a lot of goals to accomplish this year, and the reality is, sitting on my ass chatting on Facebook, catching up with old friends, and watching my favorite TV shows isn't going to help me accomplish ANY of them.

I posted not too long ago on Facebook that I didn't have resolutions this year, for the first time that I can remember, but instead, was going to make goals.

Weight Goal:
Lose the remaining 80# I want to lose, preferably by 6/1/14

Exercise Goals:
Complete all 12 weeks of the New Year, New You Weight Loss Challenge at Clubworx
    (begins 1/20/14)
Begin TRX Bootcamp as of 3/1/14 and go 2x/week the remainder of the year

Running Goals:
finish 4 half marathons, each one in progressively less time
      MB Half Marathon--goal 3:45 (February 15)
      Tobacco Trail Half--goal 3:40 (March 16)
      Rock N Roll Raleigh--goal 3:30 (April 13)
      Rock N Roll Chicago--goal 2:59:59 or less (July 20)

Complete the OBX marathon, Veteran's Day Weekend, (7 hour time limit, I'd like to be under 6)
Train for the WDW Goofy race weekend (Half on Saturday, Full on Sunday) I have no time goal, finishing is my goal


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