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Monday, December 2, 2013

2 months out of surgery

I was 2 months out of my surgery on Saturday, and I am seeing a bigger difference in me now versus September.  I haven't taken pictures in the same outfit as pre-surgery, I'll have to do that tomorrow maybe after I get home from work.

This month, I lost a mere 7.3 pounds, and 5 inches this month, and I have to admit that this is for 2 reasons; I didn't keep track of my protein and water intake like I should, I didn't exercise but once or twice, and I tried a few things that weren't on the prescribed good eating list, so I did it to myself.

On the eating front, I have eaten 70 grams of protein today (supposed to be 60-80)
I have had 30 of my 64 oz of water today
I went out and ran/walked a mile tonight (lasted about 17 minutes, need to aim for 30-45 for tomorrow night) and averaged 15:59 min/mile pace
Going to Boot Camp in the AM

Who needs New Year's Resolutions?  I'm starting now.  My goal is to lose 15 pounds this month, which will put me at 217.2, anything over that is "icing on the cake".

Time to kick things up a notch.

Here are a couple of pictures taken Saturday and tonight, so you can see that there are changes happening still.



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