The Incredible Shrinking Krista

Thursday, August 29, 2013


Since my previous post was met with a great deal of upset and comments on FB that seem cryptic in nature, I figure I may as well go ahead and answer the question that people are probably scratching their heads about.

I have made a decision to pursue weight loss surgery.  This has not been an easy decision, or one that I have reached without a great deal of prayer, discussion with my husband, research soul-searching.  I know that there are inherent risks to this surgery, and I know that there are complications that I need to be prepared to face in case I end up having to face those complications.

I used to think that surgery was the "easy way out" but the reality is, there is NO easy way out.  My other long-held opinion about weight loss surgery appears to be a valid one.  I didn't get fat overnight, and I won't get skinny over night either.  This is not a magic fix, or anything of the sort.  Weight Loss surgery is a tool to help myself, and other morbidly obese people reach their health and weight loss goals.

To be fair, there has been no shortage of diets, weight loss plans, or supplements that I have availed myself of, and for the most-part, I have had little to no success.  The most I have ever lost on any one program was Weight Watchers, 12 years or so ago, when I lost a total of 24 pounds.  Immediately after ceasing paying for and attending WW meetings, I immediately started gaining weight back.  I have been told that I'm just too lazy to continue to work for it, and various other things about this surgery.

While I totally understand and respect my family's concern for my safety I have to do what I feel is best for me.  I know that weight loss surgery can be a very polarizing issue, I only ask that any comments about my decision be respectful.



  1. You don't know me but I found your blog a while back while searching for info on the Princess Half Marathon. Anyway, I understand your struggles with this and am so glad that you have made the decision that is right for you, and it wasn't made lightly. I think this will be a great step forward for you and am looking forward to seeing you succeed!

  2. You, your doctor and your close family (if you choose) are the only ones who can decide whether this is the right choice for you. You've done a lot of work and I'm sending you best wishes for a successful and smooth procedure and great results! There are a lot of people on the DIS boards who have done weight loss surgeries and have had very good results. Best wishes!

  3. Just remember that it is still going to take a lot of work. How many Biggest Loser contestants have had the surgeries before? More than most would imagine. Weight loss surgery is a very common thing around here since the military insurance will pay for it. I know several women that had it, lost a considerable amount quickly and then stopped and either started gaining or stalled out way before reaching their goals. They stopped working for it and once the initial shock to the system wore off, things stopped changing. It can be a good catalyst for change, but you still have to work really hard to see the results. Good luck with your journey.