The Incredible Shrinking Krista

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


24 hours after I left the box crying and not finishing my workout, I have a little perspective.  Did my workout suck?  YES.  Was/am I disappointed that I was unable to finish?  YES, but what really matters?

What really matters is that day in and day out I am challenging myself and my body to do things that had you told me a year ago I would be doing them, I would have laughed hysterically in your face.  I have the physical ability to push my body to do these things.  I have not been severely injured or disabled.  I have the opportunity to make a change in my life that some folks never will.  So why in the hell am I boo-hooing over ONLY completing 4-1/2 rounds when there are almost definitely men and women who wish they had the physical ability to even attempt 1 round?  Last night's post left me feeling better because I had vented, but also feeling incredibly selfish, and I don't like feeling this way.  There are people in this country and others that would give just about anything to have the opportunity to do what I did yesterday, and if they left in tears, it would likely be from gratitude.

I think it's time I take a look at what I'm thinking and feeling and remember what is important in life.  Thanks to everyone who reached out to me last night and this morning to check on me.  I really appreciate it.


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  1. Krista, I recently joined Crossfit APx and found your blog. I've been incredibly motiviated by your story and think you're just awesome. I wish I had half your courage. I've been doing the 5:30 workouts in part to hope to meet you. I started to introduce myself last night after the wod but I could see you were not in the best of moods so I backed off. But I want you to know that watching you work is highly motivating and I'm sure I'm not the only one that feels that way. I hope to meet you someday. Maybe we can motivate each other. You rock!