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Friday, December 21, 2012


Tonight I got the opportunity to workout with someone who has accomplished exactly what I want to.  Guinina Palermo-Pinckney , who has lost nearly 100 pounds, made the trek to CrossFit APX and worked out with us girls.  Being someone who needs to lose between 100 and 130 pounds, it can be overwhelming and seem completely impossible.  The opportunity to meet and workout with someone who has done successfully what you often feel is going to be impossible is invaluable.  I got just that opportunity tonight.

Tonight's WOD was a tough one.  I was struggling and out of breath just from the warm-up:
10 star jumps
8 jumping jacks
10 jumping pull-ups
10 tuck jumps

WOD #1:  4 minute AMRAP
20 overhead lunges (I had 55#)
10 Toes to bar (I still can't do these, so I hang from the bar and pull my knees up as far as possible)

I got through 2 rounds completely.

Wod#2: 4 minute AMRAP
Burpee Box Jumps---UGH!!!  I still can't do real burpees, and box jumps still are a huge mental stumbling block for me.  So I still had to use the modified burpees tonight, where my hands are on the box, and then do the box jump.  Gigi told me to look up at the wall when doing the box jump, instead of looking at the box.    This does seem to help a bit, but after working out 3 days in a row, doing Fran yesterday, and a 2nd WOD yesterday which include 50 wall-ball shots and stepping up and down from the box My legs were exhausted and I was terrified that I was going to not make it up on the box and wipe out.  I only got in 27 of these.

Finally we did our strength/skill work.  Tonight's skill was Clean and Jerk.  Now, I've only ever done this particular move one time, and I'm almost positive that I did it with 65#.  Tonight we were to do 5 Clean and Jerk, 1 at a time at a heavy weight.  Then 5 more, at a heavier weight.  Then 5x2 at the original weight.  I was working with my buddy, Megan Gross, and we started with 85# on the bar.  I did my 5, then Megan did hers.  Then we bumped it up to 95#, and the first time I attempted it, I didn't get the clean done, I dropped the 95# bar right on my chest.  I knew I was going to get through the skill work.  Megan was concerned too, so we did the last 3, facing each other on different bars, simultaneously.  I would count us down and we'd bust it out together.  Gigi was over next to me, killing it, doing Clean and Jerks with 115# on the bar.  The 95 was feeling pretty good, so I decided to try it.  The first time, I didn't even begin to get my chest out of the way, and slammed all 115 pounds right into the center of my breasts.  This is a PSA for any male readers...they really do just get in the way!!!  I tried about 5 or 10 more times, and nearly every time, couldn't get the bar past my chest to complete the clean.  Next time we do them, I'm so going to get that 115# up over my head.  In the mean time, I'm about 100% sure I'm going to have some nasty battle-wounds that I won't be able to post pictures of.  The pain is and will be worth it, and I'll dance all over the box just like I did the first time I dead lifted 205#.  

I am incredibly proud of myself tonight, and feel so good about working out with Gigi, Megan, Karen, Hunter and everyone else that was there tonight.  Next week I'll be there Monday, Wednesday, Thursday Friday again.  Still working on those amazing 2103 Health and Fitness Goals...but I'm getting much closer to admitting what they are.  I'm seriously close, and have to nail down how I'm going to make them happen, then I'll be ready to share!

See you back here Monday.  I can't wait for my next work out...I'm sore, but it's worth it!

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