The Incredible Shrinking Krista

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

One meal at a time...

In the past, the old Krista would get overwhelmed with the totality of what I needed to do to get where I needed/wanted to be physically.  When someone looks in the mirror and realizes that they need to lose an entire half of who they are to reach their goal, that can be, and was for me, incredibly overwhelming. 

This new Krista I have become is looking at each individual decision as a victory, or opportunity for improvement.  This morning for breakfast, I didn't stop and buy coffe, or the GASP, 2 sweet teas to get me through the day, or the sausage biscuit/preservative filled nasty food that I would usually get.  I did eat 2 granola bars, and drank 32 oz of wather instead...Breakfast today, VICTORY, with room for improvement.

For lunch today, in my typical unplanned fashion decided that I would go get some chinese food.  Noticed on the way in the grocery store next to it, and took a detour.  Instead of MSG and salt-soaked Chinese food, I opted for fresh pineapple and some cottage cheese.  I also picked up some almonds for an afternoon snack, rather than the nasty chips or something sugary I would usually eat. 32 more oz of water to complete lunch, and I'd say it's a victory too. 

When someone has as far to go as I do, every little victory is a huge milestone and every failure is a stumbling block.  In the past I've allowed myself to turn these stumbling blocks into a long path of pavers suitable for a long, run...maybe 13.1 miles?  Well, time to start undoing the damage and facing each decision about food from a healthy standpoint.  2 victories in...and I feel pretty darn good about it.



  1. It is one step at a time Krista- you can do this. I'm so happy for you celebrating your steps yesterday. I recently lost 35lbs and what really helped me was the fitness app "My Fitness Pal". It allows you to track your workouts and more importantly meals. Experts say journaling your food and nutritional content is one of the best things you can do to lose the weight. This app made it so easy. You don't have to starve yourself to lose weight- I can't believe how full I feel from large healthy portions of good foods- as opposed to the other foods I was eating. I thought I really needed to restrict what I was eating- turns out I just needed to change what I was eating!

    You got this- I'm rootin for you!!!

  2. Awesome choices - you will soon find it easier if you plan ahead and do not leave food choices to chance. Due to my allergies, I pretty much carry everything with me for the day in a cooler. I cant have corn, which is in everything, so I keep fresh foods with me at all times - plain yogurt, natural whey protien, boiled eggs, fruits, cut veggies - pretty much a clean, paelo diet.