The Incredible Shrinking Krista

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I'm in love!!!!!

Mark my words, today is going to be the day that changed my life.  July 10, 2012, is the day that the old Krista is dead, and the new one starts to blossom and find her place in the world.  Why is today different than any other day in my life?!?!  I have finally found my niche.  I have finally found something that I LOVE, and I feel strong, powerful and capable at.  What is this new love of mine, you ask?  CrossFit.  Or to be more specific, CrossFit Apex!  (Check out their website:

I went to work out tonight and the foundations class that I had gone to visit was being taught by Pete Koch.  (not to be a name dropper, he is the guy that played "Swede Johanson" in the movie Heartbeak Ridge, like, with Clint Eastwood!!)  The most awesome thing about him, is that he is easily the most knowledgeable, passionate teacher I have ever met.  He teaches everything in-depth, in more than one way. He shows you how to do it, he describes it, he explains why that is the right way and demands that you listen.  His passion, knowledge and teaching style make you feel the passion too.  I can't even begin to describe my excitement as I was doing this workout tonight.

You know what the best part was?  No one told me to do it.  I took the initiative to make this happen.  I took the first step, asked the right questions, and am so glad that I did.  I feel strong and confident.  These are new emotions for me, but all I can say is, "Wow, it feels good to be this proud of myself."  I sweat tonight like I haven't sweat since the days of 12 hour long winter guard practices.  I smell like I used to after a day long practice too, and I was only there for an hour and 15 minutes.

I have finally found a place that I fit in.  A place where the workout can be adjusted to my fitness level.  A place where I can push myself beyond my mental and physical limits, consistently, without having to figure out the logic behind it.  The WOD's being posted daily means that I just have to show up and follow along.  All I have to do is bring my desire to be different.  My desire to be a better and stronger Krista.  I just have to give everything I have in me, then give a little bit more.

I cannot wait for this journey to unfold.  I hope you will be here to enjoy it with me.

Oh, and by the way, I also registered for this little race called the Princess Half Marathon.  I feel confident that I will not only finish this race in 7 months and 14 days, I will kick its' ass!  I will do so dressed as Rapunzel, with or without a running partner, etc.  I will finish what I started last year.  I've so got this!



  1. Makes me happy that you are finally ignited and you and proud

  2. ande NO--not saying this cuzx I have to as your mom

  3. Eeek! Good for you! Glad you are so excited! And can't wait for you to kick princess' butt!! I hope to make it to princess too!!

  4. So excited for you!

    My only comment about Crossfit- since they work your muscles to failure, PLEASE make sure that you use good form and don't injure yourself. I want you at Princess healthy!!