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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Let's get this started....

I realized this week that 6 weeks from today I will be running the Princess Half Marathon.

This will be my 3rd attempt, In 2012 I was swept at mile 2, and in 2013 I was swept at mile 10 due to pain in my foot/ankle.  (I threw in the towel, sat down and waited for the sweeper bus).

I realized that we are only 6 weeks away and I haven't trained at all since the Wine and Dine in November.  I feel completely ill-prepared, but I have 6 weeks to get some training in....

I found a 6 week training plan to get myself ready, or as ready as possible in the next 6 weeks.

The reality is, I have lofty goals, always have, but when it comes to holding myself accountable, I pretty much suck at it.  I want nothing more than to successfully complete the Princess Half Marathon and Glass Slipper Challenge.  While the balloon ladies are spectacularly nice people, I'd really rather not see them on the course for the first time ever at a Disney Race.

At the Wine and Dine, even with the horrific conditions, I was maintaining a 15:32 pace for the first 3.1 miles, and dropped back to about a 16:40 pace after the 10k.  By the 15k point I was slowed down to about 18:30 pace, and ended up getting swept just before mile 11.

When conditions are good, even without training, I've been able to do a 14:30 pace.  if, in the next 6 weeks, I can work hard enough and not miss any workouts, I'm hoping that I'll be able to maintain 14:30 pace for the majority of the race, or at least through the 10k.  If by some miracle I was able to maintain that pace for the entire 13.1, that would mean I would finish in just over 3 hours....not a huge deal, just under 3:30 with no balloon lady sightings is really all I aspire to at this point.

So, my blog will likely be much more active over the next 6 weeks as I count down to the race, and post about my training.  I have 6 weeks to make this dream a reality, and I have to grab this opportunity and run with it--no pun intended.

I also may be signing up for the New Year, New You Transformation challenge at my gym.

I have gotten a bit off track lately, and I MUST get back on track.  The scale went back up this morning, which is AWFUL...and I cannot let that continue to happen.  I need to seriously reign that stuff in and get the scale going back down again.


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