The Incredible Shrinking Krista

Monday, January 12, 2015

Day 1 in the books!

So I did the first day of training on the training plan that I could find.  It said 3 miles.  I decided that if I was under my PR for a 5k, I would go to get 3.1.

I did my first mile in 12:24

At this point I was still a bit tentative, I realized I was into my own head, as I tend to be.  I didn't believe I could do 4 mph for my walk interval (I was doing 3.5 sometimes, 4.0 sometimes).  I was doing my run intervals at 5.5 mph.

Mile 2 felt AMAZING!

I realized that I could walk between 4 mph and 4.5 mph.  I also upped my running speed.  I was doing my run intervals at 6.5 or 7 mph.  I would never have believed that was possible.  I have found that I am most comfortable stride-wise at 7 mph.  I feel like I can really stretch out my stride and RUN.  The thing is, I don't have the cardio endurance to do that consistently.  I would LOVE to build up to a point where I could run at 7mph for lon periods of time...and in a complete dream, maintain that pace for a 10k or Half Marathon.

Mile 3 I was tired, but on pace to PR, so I went to 3.1 for the sake of a PR.'s all about PR's, don't say you wouldn't feel the same way....

My fastest 5k previously was 44:38, with an average pace of 14:21.  Today, my average pace would be just over 12:20 per mile. That means that I was cutting off 2 minutes per mile...WOW--REALLY?  I'm just going to say that the possibility of that excites me.  It makes me wonder what will happen if I start to train consistently...could I build up to where I could consistently run at that 7mph pace?  I mean, the possibilities are endless.

I know a lot of people that are runner, with vast experience and training that could probably tell me whether that was a real legitimate possibility or not.

For now, I'm feeling pretty flipping good.  I also found a new shoe lacing technique that is purportedly good to help with Morton's Neuroma.  For the first time in nearly a year, I ran/walked 3 miles, and while I could still feel the neuroma, and a bit of tingling in my foot/toe, but it wasn't numb or painful.  I feel really awesome tonight.  I'm hoping that with repeated running, I can build a base, build some speed, and build my endurance.  I'm looking at the possibility of doing a half marathon in February (PHM), one in March (Tobacco Road Half), one in April, Diva in North Myrtle Beach, and then the RNR Chicago in July.  I'm hoping that at that point, I will have a decent base and be able to consistently run those 13.1 miles with an average speed of between 12:30 and 13:00 minute miles.   Also, if I can do all this and build all this, I can maybe shrink size-wise a bit as well.  I don't want to lose a ton of weight, but if I'm going to run a marathon, I really think that it would be best for my body and my joints if I could do that at about 135-140.   Doing that would mean I would be ready to start training for a Marathon in January, and possibly Goofy at WDW next year.

Till next time.