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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Good-bye 2014...what's Next 2015?

As I sit here waiting to say goodbye to 2014, I have been rather reflective on what has happened in the last year.

This time last year, I was only 3 months out of the life-changing decision to have weight loss surgery.  This time last year I had lost 47 pounds, today I have lost about 95.

In this last year, I have re-discovered the woman I always wanted to be.  I realize now that I had totally lost the woman I always intended to be.  I had given up on myself.  I had allowed my depression over my weight, and the number on the scale to rule my life.  I had quit doing my hair, wearing make-up, or even being me.  This year, I have remembered who I am, and who I always intended to be.  I am again wearing make-up, doing my hair, and trying to be the most beautiful woman, and person I can be, both for myself, and for my husband.

I have started to be far more comfortable in allowing myself to be the woman that God intended me to be.  I am comfortable in my skin, and when I look in the mirror.

I started this journey 15 months ago, at 270 pounds, and a shell of the woman I was meant to be.  I have spent the last 12 months settling back into "normal" life, and finding the person I was meant to be.  I fully intend to spend the next 12 months being the best wife, mother, teacher and woman I can possibly be.  That means that I will spend 2015 chasing the dreams I had given up on many years ago, when I gave up on myself.  I have some pretty big dreams, that I have always called "pipe dreams" They were pipe dreams because I have never thought they were actually possible...that I could actually complete them.  I won't complete all of them this year, but I will be well on my way to completing them.

I'm going to finish a half marathon (actually 3, Princess, Tobacco Road, and RNR Chicago)
I'm going to get my booty back in the gym and get these last 10-25 pounds off (I don't want to set a specific number, but want to remain comfortable with myself)
I'm going to complete another Sprint Triathlon (or maybe 2)

I'm going to start training so in 2016 I can complete a marathon, and a half ironman

Here's to the new me in 2015.

Till next year...

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