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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sad, but moving on!!

Right now I SHOULD be reveling in the completion of my first Glass Slipper Challenge!  I SHOULD be walking around (more likely hobbling more than walking) around with 3 awesome medals clanging together on my chest.  I SHOULD be happy its over, but excited for having finished.
Instead, I'm sitting in the recliner, praying my lunch stays down.  I was supposed to leave Thursday to go to Disney World.  It was supposed to be my redemption from my previous DNF's.  I got my first serious stomach bug since weight loss surgery late on Tuesday night.

I have read and heard repeatedly since my surgery that throwing up after weight loss surgery is different...but never an explanation of what that means exactly.  You may not want to read this next part, but it's my reality.  After weight loss surgery, specifically with Gastric Sleeve, which I had, I only have about 20-35% of my original stomach.  That means that there isn't nearly enough force to have me be sick the way a person with a full stomach would.  First, I thought my body was trying to throw up my toes.  I knew it was coming for a few minutes before it actually happened I was sweating profusely.  Then it happened, and I realized the lack of force means that my body couldn't get it all out at once.  It was stuck in my throat, so basically, you either keep wretching, or you swallow it....I know that's gross, but it's still my reality.  I was also having intestinal issues to go with it.  I ended up in the ER on Wednesday night with dehydration.  I had to get two bags of fluids, zofran and phenergan through my IV and LOTS of prescriptions to keep me from throwing up any more.   I've had to continue to take the medicine to keep my stomach from cramping.

All of this considered, I wasn't able to head to Florida for the Princess Half Marathon weekend.  I have had to fax and email my ER discharge papers to Run Disney (hoping they'll allow me to defer, even though it's after the deferral deadline since it was for medical reasons) and Hotwire (in the hopes of getting our hotel money refunded, again, because it was medical).  I have spent a lot of time crying this week, and feeling sorry for myself.  I wanted redemption SO BADLY!!

My sister has paid for me to run the Publix Savannah Half Marathon at the end of March, as my 40th birthday gift from her.  There is a 4 hour time limit, so I should be fine.  Other than that, my next half marathon, and the only other race on my schedule is the Rock N Roll Half in Chicago.  I have a TON of time and training to get into shape.

The only positive I can find from this whole situation, is that I am now only 2.5 pounds from losing 100 pounds, rather than the 7 pounds away I was earlier this week.  I've got a lot of work to do, and buckling down to do over the next few months to get ready and to be successful.  I'd LOVE nothing more than to finish the RNR Chicago in under 3 hours....we'll see how that goes.


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