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Monday, March 19, 2012

The verdict is in...

I saw the foot and ankle specialist, and he was, I don't know, amused by my previous diagnosis of having a "bone spur" in my foot.  He didn't expound, however, I would say it was clear that he agreed with me that my issues have been blown off in the past as being due to my weight.  Now the only issue is my insurance is changing on April 1st.  So, I have to go see him again on April 16 to re-establish as a patient and to give a basis for the surgery with the new insurance.  I was hoping to have the surgery on good friday, when the college I work for is closed, but no such luck.  So, basically, I have to find a surgery date that is as close to the 16th of April as possible, to hopefully get in my recovery and PT before the 5k in May and my dance recital in June.  If I don't do it before those 2, I will be WAY behind in my training to be successful for the Princess in 2013, and more importantly, the Battleship half in November. 

So--here's to a quick recovery, and an outcome that leaves me pain free and with a more reliable ankle than I have had in years!!

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  1. Strength, Courage, Wisdom, Determination, Faith... you got this girlie! Best wishes and keep blogging with your progress!!!