The Incredible Shrinking Krista

Monday, March 12, 2012

It is time....Past time!

I have spent years saying that I wanted to lose weight, but until now, have never said, "I AM GOING TO LOSE WEIGHT".  I am planning on exercising, doing the couch to 5k plan, followed by half marathon training plan, and a Battleship half marathon in November, then recovering, and working toward the Princess Half Marathon. 

Well, the fact is, much like a car requires gas and service to run, and operate correctly, my body needs the right fuel and maintenance to do what it needs to do.  The more crap I put into it, the more gunked up the system becomes.  It is time to start feeding my body what it needs, to help it do what it is God has made it to do. 

In that vein, I will be embarking on several small changes, one at a time, until my entire food lifestyle (identity) has been transformed into one that is more healthy and appropriate for fueling my body.  To that end, step 1 will be to eliminate sweet tea and any and all soda.  I will only be drinking water, hot tea and black coffee.  I will not add another change unless and until, this change is no longer a struggle. 

The next steps will be to move toward a lean/clean diet.  Fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, low fat meats, etc.  The less processed I can find things, the better.  Processing things adds extra work for the body to process as well, and typically, adds a lot of things like gluten to them.  I am realizing that on the PINK diet, with all of the unprocessed foods, I had a lot more energy and felt much better.  The thing is, it was a VERY drastic change all at once, and was difficult to maintain.  I'm planning on working toward a food lifestyle that is very similar to the PINK diet, but doing it gradually, so my body has time to adjust as I remove things from my diet slowly.

My dream is the wish my heart finish the Princess Half Marathon, 2013!!


  1. I ate like crap all weekend and am paying for it today. Im EXHAUSTED, despite getting good sleep.

    Back on track for a new week!!! It makes SUCH a difference!

  2. Krista - that is a very smart plan, changing small things one at a time will help you achieve your goal!!!

  3. Great plan! One change at a time and one foot in front of the other! I eat what is called a clean diet and also am a runner. Feel free to follow my blog for food tips. I know you can do this!