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Tuesday, March 27, 2012


So, I have had a few set-backs, most of them mental, but I have to find the resolve to meet my goals.  I have consistently, in the past, set myself up to fail, I guess because I was afraid of success, or maybe didn't feel worthy of it.  I'm really not sure what the reason is that I sabatoge myself constantly, but I need to fake it till I make it, and Stop That Crap!!

I sat down at lunch today and figured out that if I start training today, I will barely have enough time to complete the Couch to 5k plan before the Diva on May 20.  I have worked all year in a dance class, and recital is June 3, so I won't be able to have the surgery until after that.  (I've worked too hard all year to miss that, even if I will feel/look old up there on stage.) 

So here's how the schedule looks for me....

Couch to 5k training starts tonight, and will be finished on May 20 when I do the Diva 5k in Myrtle Beach.  I will continue to run weekly until surgery, which I am going to try to schedule for June 4. 

Surgery June 4, or sometime that week.

4 weeks to recover lets me start my Half Marathon training program on the week of July 2 for the Battleship Half Marathon on November 4.

Immediately "start" the training program over again to speed myself up and continue to build endurance again on the week of November 5, which will give me enough time to get completely through the program with a few weeks to spare for the Princess Half Marathon on February 24, 2012. 

Here's to a good year of training. 

I am also doing Weight Watchers online to work on my eating habits, and will be swimming on the days I don't run, as well as doing some resistance training to work on my lean muscle to help my body burn off some of this fat.  In a perfect world I would be at my goal weight by the Princess Half next year...but we're just going to bust butt, and make sure we can get there, injury free, and finish it this year.  I WILL NOT be catching a bus to the finish line next year!!

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  1. Just remember it is ok to walk and don't push yourself too hard. If there is time between your half in November and when you should start the plan for the princess, take it off, especially if you are doing the Galloway plan. It is designed to end right on the race. During those weeks in between keep moving but give your body a little time to recover. Just do the 30 minute workouts and 3 miles on the weekend for those few weeks and then pick up with the program when it is time. If you start having a hard time, take two weeks off and pick back up where the schedule says. I did that several times last year and it helped so much. I always came back stronger after having a little time for my body to recover. Last year, I had originally planned to do a "practice" half in November as well but I figured out I was hurting myself more by pushing to try to do it and I eventually decided it was a bad idea and I was right and I wasn't recovering from an injury.

    Just be patient and be careful. If you set unrealistic expectations, you will fail and it will send you backwards. As you progress, reevaluate at each stage and make sure that what you are aiming for is possible in a healthy and safe way. When I finished my first 5K, I knew I had to change a few things. When I did my first 10K I had to reevaluate again but that eventually led me to finishing the Tink and the Princess and if I had not changed my thinking and my approach, I would have never made it.