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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Reality Check

So, the reality of my weight has really set in at this point.  I have lost 27 pounds and 39 inches since my casting call in March in Florida, which has me feeling really good.  I have gotten a lot of compliments on how much better I am looking.  The fact remains, that even with that much weight loss, I looked at the pictures from the beach this week, and reality just bitch-slapped me across the face.  Pardon my language, and I hope no one is offended, but that is truly the best description for how I feel right now.  I have been been relishing my progress, and been so proud of what I have done, and that has not changed.  I was very proud when I put my (maternity) bathing suit on and for the first time since having Ella, the skirt on the front of my maternity suit was so long it was noticable that my suit was a maternity suit.  It was also so long that the bottom was not visible. 

I looked in the mirror on the way to the beach one day and thought to myself, "you've come a long way, but dear LORD do you have a LONG way to go."  For the first time in my life I am NOT discounting the success I have had so far, but I am also being very realistic about the journey and how long it is going to be before I look like I want to look.  In an unheard of act of self-awareness (at least for me) I am going to post one of the pictures that slapped me back into reality about how much further I have to go on this insane journey. 

So--here it is, the picure from the beach that has woken me up to how much more work I have to do to get where I want to be.  This is also the reason that I have decided that I will definitely be auditioning for The Biggest Loser, season 13.  If I don't make it on to Season 13, I have every intention of being too small to audition for BL 14 if one exists.  So, here goes....

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