The Incredible Shrinking Krista

Sunday, July 10, 2016

July 10 update

Well, this week has gone better than I expected in a lot of ways.

I spent the first few days on nothing but liquids.  I've basically eaten 1 solid meal/day since Thursday, slowly getting back to being able to eat "normal" foods.

As of this morning, I'm down to 195.2.  That is almost 5# since I was admitted to the hospital on Tuesday, June 28.  I'm good with that...5 pounds in just under 2 weeks.

I'm back on the "right" side of 200 pounds, now to continue the downward progress of the scale.

I'm going to start walking this week, and next week, after my post-op check-up, as long as I'm released, I'm going to begin working the 21-Day Fix.  I've had it for a few months, but haven't actually done it yet.  We had to suspend our gym membership for the summer, since I'm not working, so I have to work out at home.

Thanks for checking in with me.



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