The Incredible Shrinking Krista

Sunday, February 28, 2016

My week in review...

So, I didn't make it to the gym as much as I wanted to.  I was home with a sick child with Strep Throat and a fever for 3 straight days.  She was so sick, that I let her stay at home while I ran the other 2 to school.  She said it hurt to lift her head up off the pillow.

I did, however, make it to CrossFit F-V yesterday to get in my CrossFit Games 16.1 workout.  I have to say, that with no cartilage in my left knee, walking lunges are a NIGHTMARE!!!  Also, as my first full WOD in over 2 years, it was brutal.  My knee, Quads and Glutes are SCREAMING at me today, and my arms and shoulders are whining fairly loudly.  I'll be back this week, to get more workouts in....and next weekend for 16.2.

I've done a lot of changing since I started this blog, and I've actually started to find the woman I always hoped I would be.  I wanted to love myself enough to do my makeup before I left the house.  Not because I needed to attract some guy (the reason I USED to wear makeup) but because I enjoyed looking nice.

Me wearing makeup is not a sign of my insecurity, it's actually because I've found the woman I was always meant to be.  I enjoy being a girl, just as much as I enjoy lifting heavy weights and sweating it out at the gym.  I know that I am a walking contradiction.  I love sports, watching UFC and love college football.  I remember watching the Tyson-Spinks fight with my uncle when I was in middle school.  I also like dressing up, looking cute, and all that that being a girly girl means.  I run in skirts, and I want my sports bra to match my outfit.  I'm proud of the fact that I can currently dead lift 165# and that I was once able to dead lift 225#.

I used to think that lifting weights, going to CrossFit, etc, made me less of a woman.  That people would view me as a tomboy.  Fact is, I am ME!  and I like the me that I am.  I like that I can talk about sports with my husband.  I like that I can work my butt off in the gym, then come home, take a shower and put on a dress.  We don't have to fit into a box that someone has decided makes us "girly" or a "Tomboy".  We can do what we love and define who we are as WE want to.

So, this is me.  I'm a CrossFitter, I'm a Younique Presenter, I love Makeup, I love sports, and I love Jewelry.  I can be all these things, without apology, because that is who I am....and I'm never going to apologize for being ME!

Be who you are, Love who you are, Accept who you are.  If you can't, then no one else will either.



  1. You are amazing just the way you are!

    1. Thank you, dear!! I feel the exact same way about you!!