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Sunday, October 12, 2014

One Year a few weeks

A little over a year ago (August, 2013) I made the decision to pursue weight loss surgery.  I originally began the process looking into lap band because it was reversible and the least invasive.  I knew all along that I actually qualified for Gastric Bypass, and that most doctors would recommend that procedure due to how overweight I was.  Then, in my research between scheduling the appointment and actually going, I found that there were a LOT of complications with the Lap Band.  The stomach swelling closed, slipping, causing issues where they end up having to be removed, or revised to the Gastric Sleeve or Bypass.

By the time I got to my initial consultation, I had decided that Lap Band was NOT a good option for me, but I was terrified of the Bypass.  I went in and talked to my surgeon, Dr. Jon Michael Bruce, and we came to the agreement that Gastric Sleeve would be as effective, though a bit slower, in helping me get to my goal weight and see the changes I wanted to see in my health.

I then found out that my insurance company was going to be changing the pre-authorization requirements effective September 1, 2013, and an additional 6 months would be required, so we decided to see if everything could be done and submitted for approval by August 30, under the current requirements.  We completed everything in time, got it submitted, and on September 2nd (I think) I got the call that my surgery had been approved by the insurance company.

I have to say that while I knew this was the best option for me, I didn't have overwhelming support from everyone in my life.  My husband was nervous, and my kids were super excited about all the things I would be able to do with them once I lost the weight and got healthy.  My Nana cried and said that while she was scared, she wanted me to be healthy, and if I really felt like this was my best option, she would support me in whatever decision I made.  Some of my friends and family members were not nearly as supportive and enthusiastic.  I have had my fair share of people tell me that I cheated, that I took the easy way out, etc.  All those things considered, I chose to move forward and take control of my life and my future.

On September 16, I started a pre-op diet at 265.8 (my highest weight I ever saw on a scale was 270).  After 2 weeks on the pre-op liver-shrinking diet, I was wheeled into the OR weighing 255.8.  last Friday at my 1 year post-op visit, I weighed 171.  I am VERY close to losing 100#.

I have a few things coming up that I need to get ready for, and some serious goals for physical endurance coming up.

First thing is the Wine and Dine half marathon at Walt Disney World on November 8th, 2014.  Then, I start working out and training.  My long-term goal is to finish the Raleigh Half Ironman, 2016.  That means I have to start training now for the 1.2 mile open water swim, 56 mile bike ride and 13.1 mile run.  I've reached out to a swim coach at my gym, and will be working with her to get better hopefully.  I also have a new road bike, which is awesomely amazing and fun to ride.  I have a lot of work to do with cardio endurance, and physical endurance to build toward this goal.

In the meantime, 2015 will be my year of redemption.  I am hoping to complete the 4 races that I have DNF'd in the past.  That means that I will be doing:

Princess Weekend, Glass Slipper Challenge on February 21-22, 2015
Diva Half Marathon North Myrtle Beach, April 12, 2015
Rock 'N Roll Chicago Half Marathon, July 19, 2015
Battleship Half Marathon, November (1st or 8th) 2015

In January of 2016, I'll be completing the Goofy Race and a Half Challenge (half marathon on Saturday, Full marathon on Sunday).

In June of 2016 I will be doing the Raleigh Half Ironman

The training for all of this is starting now.  I still have an additional 20-36 pounds to lose.  I want to end up anywhere between 135 and 150.

I've shifted my goals now to being related to my physical fitness and not a number on the scale.  If I never lose another pound, but I am able to build my endurance and fitness to be a marathon runner, a triathlete, and do whatever my kids want me to do with them, I will consider myself a huge success.

I want to thank everyone who has checked on me, supported me, sent me loving messages, cheered me on, etc.  You are all such amazing people, and I couldn't do this without you.   I know that some of you will be there to cheer me on at races, or virtually, and that all means the world to me.  Thank you for your continued support...I'll post again once I finish the Wine and Dine Half Marathon next month!!!


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