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Monday, February 3, 2014


The news just keeps getting worse.

I went back to the ortho guy this morning, and he suggested surgery.  Here's the kicker though.  I have a clotting disorder, AND, I have a plane ticket to Nashville on February 25 with my awesome Husband for his 2nd consecutive presentation at an international conference, and we are staying at the Opryland Hotel.  So, clotting disorder + surgery = no flying, for at least 6 weeks...

This means that my surgery cannot be scheduled until March 6th (he always does surgeries on Thursday).  That means that I get to be in pain for a whole nother month, no running, high impact anything, and no training.....

That ALSO means, no RNR Raleigh Half marathon for least that I can figure.  I think I'm going to try walking/running laps in the pool, and swimming, to keep from jarring the knee, to help build endurance and cardio conditioning in the mean time, and hope that AFTER the surgery, I can get in about 4 good weeks of running/walking, and still make a go of the race.  See, they have a "No refunds, No deferrals, No Transfers, No exceptions" rule for Rock 'n Roll half and full marathons, so if I can't figure out a way to get through the training and build my endurance without messing up my knee even worse, then I'm not only not able to race, I'm also out the $$, which just SUCKS!


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