The Incredible Shrinking Krista

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

frustration abounds

I had called my doctor the other day to see if I was allowed to ride a bike or swim or anything while I'm still in the boot until August 12.

He called me back this morning, and left me the message that I least wanted to hear. apparently with the location of the fracture in my foot, any kind of stress on it could cause a growing stress fracture.  I am basically allowed to do only the minimal amount of walking to get where I have to be.  If I am not walking to or from the bathroom, work, the car, bed, etc I need to be sitting and putting my foot up.  I can't swim, bike, walk for exercise, elliptical, NOTHING.  I am SO frustrated.

So, I'm going to spend the next 4 weeks following directions and doing NOTHING that I don't have to and staying of my feet.  I am praying that doing so will mean a full recovery and I can start running and swimming then to get into running/walking shape and finish my 10k in October in under 1:30. I then have a Half marathon on December 29, February 24 and April 13.  These races I am already registered and paid for, and I won't be adding anything else to this list.  My goal is to get in the best shape of my adult life and do the best that my body will allow.

I have a few immediate goals:

1--follow doctor's orders
2--clean up my diet
3--train smart for the races already on my calendar
4--finish!  Do my training and finish the races I start.

I have failed so many times and I am SICK of it.  I want the life I have always wanted, and this is nothing more than yet another set-back.  I'll get through this, and get trained. I will run across that finish line at Princess Half Marathon with a great deal of pride and self-satisfaction.



  1. krista one thing i've said many times and unfortuntately have learned the hard way is diet is king...The exercise certainly is important it helps it come off faster and keeps you from losing muscle along with the fat when creating a caloric deficit...I know you know all this so i will shut up...i learned the hard way while still exercising at a pretty high level i gained about 20 in 9 months and this was without eating any sweets! the food intake is crucial...keep it clean girl!!! It's more important than ever right now...dont let yourself slip mentally...fuel your body like your training for the are!!! if you lose 15 pounds the next 4 weeks or so how much further ahead are you towards getting in fighting shape and hitting your time? more importantly you'll be way less likely of reinjuring yourself...blessingd to you!


  2. I hope I can comment on this. I don't have a blogger account. ANYhow, 'tis Valarie from FB. I just want to echo the wise words from Chris up above. I have found that the ONLY thing the truly moves weight off these bones is changing my diet. And increasing my water intake. A lot. To the tune of not drinking much besides water. And those movies you referred to over on facebook are really great. Everything should be taken with a grain of salt, but after we watched them, my husband and I cleaned EVERYTHING out of our cupboards and fridge. We just made a decision not to bring anything processed into the house. It doesn't mean we don't eat what we want, but we started from ground zero so to speak. It's encouraged us to find new recipes and to always read labels. And if it's got a longer shelf life than us, we don't eat it. People can get all fundamental and militant about it (which is great if that's what works) but the goal is to put fuel into our bodies. A bunch of processed stuff just confuses our bodies (I think). So, as my gym says, Eat small, eat often, eat whole. It totally works. I have really fallen off with regard to going to the gym, but I really watch what I eat and I am consistently, albeit slowly, losing weight. I know we don't "know" each other except virtually, but I feel very inspired by your posts, especially with regard to crossfit, which I still am very very weak at! Hang in there!