The Incredible Shrinking Krista

Saturday, June 16, 2012


The dream remains alive, and my dream is even more in reach than it ever has been.  After traveling to Orlando to attend the casting call for BL12, I said Iw ould only do another casting call if there was a casting in the Raleigh area, and even then, only if the show was casting individuals.  There are multiple reasons that I didn't want to do a show that was cast as teams, primary among them is the fact that I didn't want to have to play the inherent games involved if you are trying to keep a partner safe, etc; and I didn't get this heavy with a partner to encourage me, I really need to get the weight off and learn to depend on myself.  As I said in my May 20th post;, Being forced to depend on myself has been a wonderful learning experience.  Of course, the other very obvious problem was that I never had a partner that was able to commit to going to a casting call, doing an audition video or being on the ranch with me. 

I am so excited to say that The Biggest Loser casting team, and specifically, Holland Striplin, who I have wanted to meet for a few years.  On July 14, I will be headed out to the Biggest Loser 14 casting call at Rex Wellness center, in Knightdale, NC, just north of Raleigh.  I am excited that Emily Joy from BL13 and Heba and Ed from BL 6 will all be there.  I am hoping to get to meet 1 if not all of them! 

My body-type is very similar to that of Emily Joy's.  Her starting weight last season was 264 pounds, and I am currently at 265 pounds.  Her ending weight was 162 pounds, which is where I was when I graduated high school, so seeing her transition gave me hope for what I could look like if I was successful. 

I am so glad to see that The Biggest Loser will still be a force for good in the lives of people at least for another season.  I am also glad to see that they appear to be taking the show in a completely different direction that it went last season.  Last season was painful to watch with way too much drama. 

I'll keep everyone posted if I hear anything. 



  1. HEy! That is SO cool! Good Luck. I will be watching for updates :)

  2. I can't wait to hear back! Good luck!