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Monday, August 25, 2014


So I ha started a free introduction to "CrossFit Lite" 2 weeks ago, then missed last week due to being under the weather, so I headed back tonight.  The purpose of CrossFit Lite is to do the "functional movement" stuff, without the heavy lifting, so most everything is body-weight exercises, or things with dumbells or kettlebells.  It's definitely a good way to get back into CrossFit after an 18 month absence, and re-learning the proper movements, full range of motion, etc.

I went in tonight, and we started with a "nice little 200 meter run".  Now, when I originally started CrossFit over 2 years ago, I couldn't run 50 yards without having to stop and suck wind for a few seconds.  I ran the entire 200 tonight without stopping.

Then we stretched a bit, and finally did a tabata training with air, my quads were BURNING!!

Then we worked on two skills:
1.  goblet squats w/a kettle bell or dumbell, 3 sets of 15, full depth
2.  lunge rows?  I think they called them.  Lunch, and use a dumbell to row, 3 sets of 15 with each arm.

So now, we've done a very short run, tabata air squats, and 45 goblet squats, with lunges for good measure.

Now, time for our workout....yeah, you read that right...all of the above was the warm-up....

The WOD?

1 minute of Wall Balls (full depth squats again)
30 second rest
1 minute parrolette hop overs (I did 1 leg at a time)
30 second rest
1 minute of sit-ups

3 rounds....

yeah, my knee has been hollaring at me all the way home, and every now and again, my quads just start shaking.

My knee has officially been iced, I've eaten dinner (can't eat before a workout, or i'll vomit), and now, I'm headed up for some Deep Blue on the knee, and some time to recover..I'm thinking that walking this week might be entertaining for those who have to see me do it!


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